Zambia: Service for Peace


Prepared by WFWP Zambia

The program on October 11, 2017, was a Service for Peace Project and it was a partnership between WFWP Africa and WFWP Zambia. It involved the Twikatane group of Soccer boys and girls who train and play soccer in a soccer field outside the FFWPU Twikatane Sausage factory. It was meant as an outreach program to educate the youths on the activities of WFWP and also teach them character education with a vision of raising them and empowering them in various fields.

The WFWP Africa was represented by the WFWP Africa International Vice President Mrs. Susan Kone, the WFWP Zambia was represented by the National Vice President Mrs. Eunice Sanfo, Tongil Moo Do was represented by the instructor Kouame Dieudonne and Carp was represented by Miss Incheon Ferber.

The program started with introductions by the Club`s Coach followed by the explanation of the Vision and Mission of WFWP , after which Mrs Sanfo gave a lecture on the 3 Life goals. She was followed by the TIMD instructor who talked about building the inner self through self-mastery and discipline. The Carp Rep. Miss Incheon Ferber encouraged the youth to enhance their talents in order to excel.

To conclude the event, the IVP gave donations of 3 soccer balls to the clubs and also donated snacks.

The coach thanked the WFWP for taking interest with the youth who needs their guidance through the mother`s Heart in order to excel in their talents and future endeavors. After that they shared the snacks and happily continued in their training.

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