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By Marthe Whyte, FFWPU Ghana

On October 24, 2017 there was prayer meeting followed by Hoon Dok kae at Dome abra Center, in Accra. Four people attended. The leader of the center also gave Divine principle lectures to two previously married couples; one of these couple received a six-hour Divine principle lecture. On October 27, five members organized an all-night prayer in the same center   and on October 28th , a previously married couple received counselling based on our teaching still at Dome Obra center.

Secondly, from Thursday ,26th   to Saturday 28th October, two FFWPU/Ghana members travelled to the Eastern Region of Ghana, precisely in Kibi, Apampam, to witness as part of tribal Messiah activity. Finally, on Sunday, 29th October, the national leader and another brother joined them to organize a one-day workshop in a premise of a church called   Jesus Redeemer Church. The prophetess of the church and her husband received the blessing after the workshop.  In all thirty-five   people including four of our members attended the one   day workshop.

The prophetess promised to give other branches of her church for us to educate and bless the married couples in these branches in the near future.

Thirdly in the national headquarters in Accra, in the Mile 7 Centre, there was Sunday service and thirty-six members attended including only one invited guest.

The sermon was delivered by the Vice president, Mrs. Marthe Whyte.

She preached on the topic the consequences of the fall and our portion of responsibility.  After mentioning the four types of sins that derived from the fall; she proposed solutions to eradicate these   types of sins   in our lives. First of all, the necessity of receiving the blessing by True Parents; secondly, liberating and blessing our ancestors; thirdly, engaging in Tribal messiah activities and finally making a regular effort to fly away from our bad habits. The sermon was also, spiced with excepts from Cheong Seong Gyeong.

There was also Sunday school at the national headquarters at Mile 7. The children were taught by two mothers, in the persons of Mrs Aimee Memevegni and Madam Evelyn Yalula. Twelve children attended todays service. They learnt about the fall of the archangel.

During this week also, the General Secretary of UPF/ Ghana in the person of Mrs Helene Osei went up and down meeting VIPs who will be attended the Africa Summit in December,2017.

As at Thursday26th October,2017, twelve VIPs and VVIPs   had filled the confirmation forms to attend the Summit in Senegal. These forms   have already been forwarded the Africa Headquarters. Meanwhile, we are still taking steps to meet Ghana head of State, His Excellency, Nana Akuffo Addo, who received the Autobiography of True Father, when he was still in opposition, just after last year’s Peace road activity in Ghana. We are also hoping to also invite his Vice president in case he cannot make it

As a nation, we also forwarded within this week to Africa headquarters, our findings about the possibility of coffee farming in Ghana.

Finally, centers in Elubo and Dome Abra in Accra sent pictures of their Sunday service conducted today. We will also attach them to our report of the week.

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