With Hungarian Blessed Families

Prepared by FFWPU Hungary

5th  Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa: 16th of September in the Hotel Benczur, Budapest we held a Seonghwa Anniversary for True Father. Blessed Families, Ambassadors for Peace, guests and friends came together to honor the legacy of True Father. The event had a motto: “Peace starts with me”. We wanted to connect Hungary to the current providence of True Mother through this event as well, that’s why the main speech was the message of True Mother at MSG event which was red by National Leader. We prepared a video introducing the True Parents achievements until these days. The opening address was given by a protestant pastor. One of our 2nd generation young brother (16) offered beautifully the “Crown of Glory”. Through Peace Road 2017 we got to know one lady, she is fun of Korean Culture, specifically dance so on the event she offered a Korean dance. We announced a drawing competition to children with topic ”Peace”. We asked one artist to select the 5 best artwork and during the event we recognized those 5 children with awards. The last part of the program was a performance offered by one of our AFP and her music band. They were playing Jewish melodies and songs. Afterwards everyone was invited for a small banquet.

Peace Road 2017: Basically the Peace Road is an ongoing project through the year in Hungary. One of our brothers, Mr. Erno Sturm is regularly organizing or attending running races for the sake of True Father and brings the public attention and awareness on Father’s peace work. In Gyor other brother Mr. Laszlo Jager regularly organizing outing in nature as well in the name of Peace Road and offering education based on True Parents’ words to those who attend. In Budapest, Pecs and Gyor towns we held a Peace March to support the vision of PR 2017 at 27th  of August.

Divine Principle Education:

  • During this time we organized several 3-day Divine Principle seminar. At the beginning of the summer vacation in Hungary the HARP children (14+) wished and requested to organize a Divine Principle Seminar.The Seminar was held on June 27-29th, 2017 in our Training Center, Pecs.
  • The younger children (6-13 yrs) also had a very uplifting and great 4 day Summer Camp at Verőce, July 25-28th. The education program was focusing on the dual characteristics of  Heavenly Parent and that they need to build their houses on rock. It means to build their life on God and True Parents.
  • HARP Hungary also provided other platform for the HARP age children to come together to study about God, True Parents and how the children can find their true selves. The Camp motto was: “One in Spirit”. The 6 days Camp took place at 1-6th of August, Kismaros.
  • On August 18-20th, 3 day Divine Principle Seminar was also held by the Szeged Church. This Seminar was designed for the very young children. They listened the Purpose of Creation and the three great blessing was also introduced and explained to them. And of course beside of the lectures they had lot of fun and games and enjoying each other company.
  • FFWPU Hungary also organized 3 day Divine Principle workshop at Pecs Training Center at 8- 10th of September. The “six basic lecturers” were offered and the True Parents were introduced as the returning Messiah. After the WS one of the participant decided to offer a 7 day fasting (he completed since then) as his preparation for the matching application.
  •  On September 22-24th a weekend inspirational seminar was organized on which 6 guests took part. Mr. Laszlo Jager invited his English course students and they studied True Parents’ words from Peace Message – I. The National Leader also took visit during the seminar and offered a lecture titled: “Five principles of Peace”. After the lecture the participants had a good and constructive talks and sharing. As part of the Seminar the guests had outing few time in the nearby forest, and Mountain Bakony.
  • On 30th of September the HARP Hungary organized a so called “Harp day” event. This program offered a platform not only to our children in the UC communities but some of their friends or classmates could join as well. There were lectures based on Divine Principle, games, sharing on our values…ect. This type of program is running for last two years already and we wish that it can also help more and more to bring in union the 2nd gens and their outside friends centering on True Parents.
  • Thanks to God and True Parents for initiating the GTG WS in Korea, where three 2nd gens from Hungary could attend.

Seonghwa Ceremony of Mr. Istvan Ujvári (42): He was born 2nd of April 1975 and 13th of September 2017, 16:15 hour passed away. He was matched by True Parents to Miu Elena Violeta from Romania. They have got two children Violeta is ten and Alexander is four years old. End of last year the doctors diagnosed a cancer in his bile. Istvan was  working as a carpenter and welder in the last ten year he was more like a home member. 19th of September in the Peace Embassy, Budapest the Seonghwa Ceremony was offered for him. His burial will take place at 5th  of October in a close family attendance.

Other events in our Communities:

  • Delegation of 9 people went to Berlin to support the “Berlin Wall Anniversary”
  • To create and support the witnessing environment we continue to organize cultural events in the Peace Embassy, like artwork exhibition and classical music concert, and part of the program we also speak and introduce True Parents’ vision for peace.
  • Filipi Mark and Gabriella (Albanian-Hungarian couple) got a third child, her name is Julia. She was born at 15th  of September.
  • The 30.000 and the 360.000 blessed couples held a blessing anniversary and they came together to share their memories and spend time as an extended family.
  • The National Leader family visited the Szeged Community, offered the Sunday Service together and went to pray to Szeged Holy ground.
  • HARP Hungary leadership was passed on from Ms. Tamara Cser – because she is joining to the DONE program for one year – to Ms. Sandra Skrodzki.

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