USA: A Day of Action for Tribal Messiahs


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On October 15, in a span of just 2.5 hours, Tribal Messiahs in the Clifton community were able to give 14 Couples’ Blessings, 5 single Blessings, and 25 Holy Wine Ceremonies for a miraculous total of 44 Blessing Ceremonies.

“We all felt that God is alive and that True Parents are working with us,” said Atsushi Takino, Witnessing and Education Coordinator for District 3.

Rev. Hiroshi Inose, Director of Kodan, recalled one couple who received the Blessing during this day. “Spiritually, I could really feel I changed,” the husband told Rev. Inose. “I’m so grateful for you.”

“God and True Parents have prepared so many people to receive the Blessing,” said Rev. Inose, reflecting on this experience. “The time is now for us to act. All we need to do is show it to them.” For this reason, the community named the day “A Day of Action:” because the preparation has been completed by God, it is the Tribal Messiahs who must now act.

The Tribal Messiahs of the Clifton community attributed a large part of their success to the resources provided by the Witnessing and Education Department of the National Ministry Team. “Everything was prepared for us—the Holy Wine, the Blessing Guidelines Handbook, the banners, and the sashes,” said Rev. Inose. “Everything was so easy to follow, even for Japanese Unificationists who are not fluent in English.”

With the addition of these 44 Blessing Ceremonies, the Clifton community has now completed a total of 176 Blessing Ceremonies for couples and singles, leaving 254 more Blessings remaining to reach the goal of 430 couples. “430 is not just a number,” insisted Atsushi. “It is our commitment and offering to True Parents as their filial children. We want to give them hope and joy.”

As Atsushi, Rev. Inose, and the rest of the Clifton community look forward to fulfilling True Parents’ mission of Vision 2020, they remain determined in completing the goal of 430 couples by the end of 2017.

“We can’t stop doing this when we are thinking of True Father and True Mother,” said Atsushi, with tears filling his eyes.

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