UK: Divine Principle Workshop, Healing Relationships

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“Reading Life Through the Principle: Healing Relationships” Cleeve House, 17th – 21st December 2017


During this workshop we shall be telling stories. Looking at stories of creation, fall and redemption. Looking at stories of conflict and stories of healing. Stories of love and stories of hurt and hate. We all have stories we carry within in us and it is through stories that we reveal ourselves. How we tell our story shapes who we are. It is how we see ourselves and it is through stories that we find ourselves. It is through stories that we can be imprisoned and damaged. It is through stories that we can be liberated and healed.

We will be focusing on the stories in the Book of Genesis; stories that are the basis of our culture and identity. These are stories about individuals and families that have made a tremendous impression on our lives, our families and our community. Sometimes these stories have been told and interpreted in a way that is damaging and harmful to us and our relationships. We need to go and re-read these stories to uncover deeper meanings so that they can bring healing and resolution of our hurts and fears, and reconciliation between parents and children, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, friends and enemies.

“The stories we were told shape us and affect how we see and respond to the world. What stories shall we tell our children and grandchildren? Will we tell them better than the way we were told?”

“If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.” — Siberian Elder

“Story gives people enough space to think for themselves.”— Annette Simmons

“Perhaps it is how we are made; perhaps words of truth reach us best through the heart, and stories and songs are the language of the heart.” — Stephen R. Lawhead

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.” — Terry Pratchett

“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story.” — Michael Margolis

Come to this workshop and change your world and the world in which you live.

During this workshop, as well as talks there will be discussion, guided reflections, games, opportunities for questions and answers, a prayer night, singing and laughter. We will also have an outing together, including a tour of Avebury stone circle – a world heritage site – and a cream tea in the picturesque market town of Marlborough.



  • “It’s hard to sum up the past week on the recent ‘Reading life through the Principle’ workshop. William Haines being the lecturer, I knew there would be fireworks. However, I didn’t realise those fireworks would light up the Principle in a way I have never seen before. I felt my understanding of the Principle was being peeled off the pages of the book and directly applied to situations in my own life, to relationships with my parents, to my brother, and my wife. This truly was one of my favourite workshops. It was relaxed, it was fun and it was deep. I will not forget it for a very long time.”
  • “When I first heard the title of this workshop, I couldn’t quite figure it out. Now, having just completed it, it makes perfect sense.”
  • “This workshop was like my spiritual rejuvenation.”
  • “As every lecture goes on, it made more sense to me when I applied those relationships of historical figures to my own family relationships. I felt that these stories could reveal lots of truth, values and meaning of life. It is essential for us not to repeat the same mistakes – this realisation made me think I should be more responsible for how I should live in daily life.”
  • “The stories made me reflect on my own story, and lessons I can learn in my own life. So often in life we follow the thought processes and patterns that our parents, and grand-parents before them, have shown us. How do we break our bad patterns, and set a new precedence so that we can truly become Lords of Creation? Do we really believe we can? Having attended this workshop I feel a lot of hope. The Divine Principle is meant to revive us and that is what I felt from this workshop. It is life-giving, it is applicable, it is healing.”
  • “During lectures, discussions and prayer night, I was able to feel really warm God’s love, and I couldn’t stop crying! This workshop was truly magical experience for me. I feel very grateful.”


Dates: 17th – 21st December

Place: Cleeve House, Seend, Wiltshire

Cost: £110

Main teacher: William Haines, With Susan Crosthwaite and Philip Hill

Who is it for? Anyone over 18. It is open to anyone from the UK, Europe or elsewhere. Arrive Sunday evening and leave Thursday afternoon or after breakfast on Friday. There will be a light meal on Sunday evening for those who arrive in the afternoon.

How does one get there? Travel by public transport from London.

Arrivals: National Express coach from Victoria Coach Station 17th December 18.00. It stops at Heathrow Central Bus Station at 18.45 and arrives at Sells Green at 21.00. You can be picked up from Sells Green

Departures: Evening of 21st December or morning of 22nd December catch National Express coach leaving Sells Green at 07.55 Arrives at Heathrow at 10.15 and Victoria Coach Station at 11.15

From other destinations please go to Sells Green, Devizes or Melksham from where you can be picked up

You can register through this link.

Here is the Code of Conduct – please print and bring this with you.

Any questions please contact William:

William Haines, Director of Education FFWPU-UK

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