Thailand: Asian Leadership Conference


By Robert Kittel, UPF Asia

At the ALC, October 6-9, 2017, we had 52 VIP guests from 12 nations including: 10 MPs (current), 2 former MPs, 1 Governor, 7 Deputy-Governors, 6 Government Officers, 3 Senior Academics, 2 Business Leaders, and 1 Religious Leader. The conference concluded with an Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival and 7 couples attended. Others regretted they didn’t bring their spouses and determined to attend another Blessing Festival with their spouse.

Interestingly, one MP from Bangladesh liked the educational content so much, she came a second time (this time) and brought her family with her. In another case, one MP from Bhutan who attended the last ALC program brought two new MPs. People, especially lawmakers and government officials, returned home with a greater vision and hope to substantially address social issues by strengthening marriage and family. They look forward to working more closely with UPF.

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