Slovakia: History Lesson



By Barbara Grabner, UPF Slovakia

The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther´s posting of his theses is a splendid opportunity to explain the course of providential history during the 400 year period until 1917 when communism arose. We wished to introduce our founder´s view about that period which represents the culmination of European-Christian civilization.

The event took place on October 5, 2017 in a lecture hall in the city centre. The outreach was done by mailings, distribution of leaflets and posters at libraries and the Comenius University, through various internet websites etc. The event awakened much interest and so came many new guests besides our regular guests; the room filled up to capacity.

The lecture titled “Reformation & Revolution. The struggle for religious liberation and social justice from Luther to Lenin“ was held by Barbara Grabner, who studied history at Vienna University. Her presentation highlighted the three phases of the Reformation and Renaissance as it is outlined in the books “Exposition of the Divine Principle” and “The Story of Christianity” by Justo L. Gonzales. The audience listened attentively though most of them were not familiar with the large Peasants uprisings during the Reformation, the cruel persecution of the Anabaptists, the antichristian measures during the French Revolution, the fatal split in the socialist movement during the 19th century, and more. Since 2017 marks also the 100th anniversary of Mary´s revelation in Fatima, the guests received an essay about the concealed “third secret” written by UTS graduate Rev. Miroslav Rybar.

Completing the meeting UPF Secretary General Milos Klas awarded Mr. Stanislav Trnovec with the diploma “Ambassador of Peace”. Mr. Trnovec founded the “Club of the Large Families” in Slovakia and is a tireless advocate protecting the sanctity of marriage and true family values. He frequently addresses politicians and religious leaders, and takes part at UPF conferences addressing family issues.

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