DR. Congo: Seonghwa Victory Celebration and Hyo Jeong Cosmic Blessing

by Mike Samuel Makenda, UPF DR Congo

The Hyo Jeong cosmic blessing was held in Kinshasa; capital of Democratic Republic of Congo at FFWPU National HQ On September 7, 2017. And more than five hundred members participate at the event.

Two days later on September 9, 2017 we organized the victory celebration of the Seonghwa festival at INPP Building. Guests and Ambassadors for peace, journalists and others VIPs from different areas attended the event.

Several speakers gave testimonies about True Father. Mr. Ipakala who is the CEO of the Press Group gave a presentation in relation to the celebration and encourage all the participants to put in practice the principles of peace which are based on the founder’s lifelong motto.

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