Peru: Inauguration of IAPP

Prepared by UPF Peru

On Friday 20th of October, 2017, UPF Peru with the help of Congressman Dr. Yonhy Lescano Ancieta brought together many Congressmen, ex-congressmen and even some ex-senators to launch the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Peru.

The meeting was held in the Congress of the Republic, Auditorium “Alberto Andrade Carmona” a key assembly room of the congress, with a capacity of 250 seats.

Shortly before the event started Dr Trevor Jones, UPF Peru President, took our VIP guests Rev Sang Suk Kim and Rev Dong Mo Shin to meet, in the Room of the Ambassadors, Congressman Salvador Heresi who had attended the World Summit in Korea in February this year. Congressman Heresi received them warmly and took us all into the main room of the parliament to show us where all the congressmen gather every day to debate and vote on the situations of the country.

The meeting started promptly, something quite unusual in Peru, but such was the anticipation for this meeting that the hall was full to capacity and many people had to stand at the back of the room throughout the event. There were also many members of the press present including the Congress´s own TV crew, who filmed the whole event live and broadcast it through their Congress TV Chanel.

We had a panel of four congressmen, as well as our dear friend and ex-President of Congress Dr. Antero Flores Araoz plus us three representatives of UPF.

Two of the congressmen spoke clearly about their own religious beliefs and the importance of believing in God and having strong families as the key to a stable and peaceful society. The others emphasized the need for a strong and law abiding community, also emphasizing the need for religious tolerance.

There were a total of 13 actual Congressmen present, including one who was Vice President of the Republic in the previous government (Dra Marisol Espinosa) as well as two ex-Presidents of Congress, two former Congressmen, and three past Senators. Representing civil society were five Presidents of various NGOs and other charitable organizations.

Following the forum, the official launching ceremony of IAPP Peru took place. This included reading the speech of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, presentations from Dr. Kim and Rev Shin and the formal Declaration of the new association. There followed the appointing of 17 new Ambassadors for Peace, including all the Congressmen that were present. All signed the Declaration as they left the stage. Dr. Jones gave his closing remarks and many guests expressed their appreciation of this new initiative, saying that it had been a truly historic meeting for Peru.

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