Norway: Seong Hwa Ceremony for Ray Dieffenthaler


By Steinar Murud, FFWPU Norway

Our dear brother, Ray George Dieffenthaler, passed away peacefully on September 25th 2017 in Drammen, Norway.

Ray was born in 1950 i Curaçao, a small island in the Carribean off the coast of Venezuela and a former Dutch colony. He returned to the Netherlands to begin his studies as a medical doctor and became a member of the Unification movement in 1973. He was blessed in marriage to Marit Eriksen from Norway in May 1978 as part of the 118 couples Blessing in London.

After the Blessing, Ray participated in witnessing activities in London for six months during the time that True Father was setting up the homechurch providence in the UK. He then moved to Edinburgh where he established a very successful homechurch area until 1980, when he returned to the Netherlands.

Marit and Ray lived in Amsterdam and gave birth to five children. The family moved to Norway and settled in Drammen in the autumn of 1995.

Ray taught himself web-design and established and developed the homepage of the Norwegian Unification movement ( together with Knut Holdhus, which was launched in January 1999. Ray served as webmaster and worked consistently to develop the site until June 2007 when he suffered a stroke. For his long-term investment in this area, Ray received the Norwegian movement’s highest award – the Unification Diploma – in December 2009. This award is given to members who, through their selfless efforts, have contributed to promoting the ideals of the Unification movement.

During the last years of his life Ray suffered from dementia. He is now free to join his beloved wife, Marit, who passed away in 2011.

The Seong Hwa ceremony was attended by all of Ray’s children, as well as three of his siblings who came by plane from the Netherlands. Several church members as well as family and friends were present in the beautifully decorated chapel. The service was led by Steinar Murud, National leader of Norway. Knut Holdhus also gave a speech remembering all Ray had done to support the movement in Norway. Also Ray’s youngest son, Louis, gave a moving speech about his father.

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  1. Anton Dieffenthaler says:

    10-04-2018, Good afternoon! My brother, my sister and I were at the ceremony last year. We came by plane from the Netherlands and had a delay of about half an hour. It was a very nice ceremony. Thanks for the ceremony, funeral and beautiful sweet words.
    After half a year the loss is still great, we still miss him. Fortunately, we still have many memories of him. That eases the pain. We too must continue; life goes on. Yet many thanks for all care, and we hope to visit his children and grandchildren more regularly in Norway for th future.

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