Mother Welcomed in Kanagawa, Japan


By Julian Gray, FFWPU International HQ

This weekend True Mother was in Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, just adjacent to Tokyo.

A year or so ago Mother told the Japanese members that whenever one region could gather 10,000 people for an event in one local area or prefecture, she would come personally and speak. Yesterday’s HJ Peace-Loving Festival in Kanagawa prefecture proved that members in that area could indeed rise to the challenge. 10,000 members and their guests came for the event, and Mother kept her word, traveling from Korea to Japan, especially to attend.

Following the opening prayer, FFWPU -Japan president Rev. Eiji Tokuno welcomed everyone to the Peace-Loving Festival dedicated to happy families and world peace. He said that among many challenges confronting the world today, there are both threats to peace coming from certain nations and threats to society posed by declining family values. Rev. Tokuno spoke about True Father’s life and work and then introduced True Mother as God’s beloved daughter. He explained how in the ideal, families guided by the philosophy of living for the sake of others would center on God as the common Heavenly Parent of all humankind.

Two members of the Japanese Diet then spoke in support of family values and our movement’s work to uphold them. They were Hon. Toshiro Toyoda and Hon. Dai Shimamura, both from the Liberal Democratic Party. Mr. Shimamura is also the Chairman of the Committee for Health, Labor and Welfare.

Entertainment followed, which featured traditional Japanese cultural offerings, and a drama depicting the important history of Kanagawa as the doorway through which the cultures of other nations came to Japan, and as the place where General Douglas MacArthur first visited following Japan’s defeat in the Second World War. In the midst of the entertainment, three second generation members testified movingly to their parents’ heart of filial piety to God, faith in True Parents and their commitment to nations in other parts of the world. These included Wakako Sasamoto, daughter of martyred Unificationist missionary Masaki Sasamoto.

FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon then introduced True Mother, and she did so with her usual warmth, enthusiasm and respectful affection for her mother and our True Mother.

Mother spoke for some 25 minutes, with great clarity, as usual without using notes. Please click on the link provided here to read the full content.

After Mother concluded her words, everyone rose to their feet to join her in three heartfelt cheers of Eok-Mansei. Our final impression of True Mother from the internet broadcast was of her standing on the stage surrounded by members of the True Family and other leaders, her face gentle yet radiant as ten thousand people offered their appreciation with applause.


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