Luxembourg: Consecration of Holy Ground for a New Beginning


By Brigitte and Alan Sillitoe, FFWPU Luxembourg

On the weekend of 13-15 October 2017, we had two high level visits to Luxembourg. On the afternoon of Friday, 13 October, we welcomed Dr Otsuka, president of UPF Europe-Middle East and Special Emissary to the region, and Mr Jacques Marion, vice-president of UPF Europe.

After taking a guided tour of the city of Luxembourg with Paul Frank, UPF secretary general, we shared the evening meal together with our visitors at the Luxembourg youth hostel, before retiring to a conference room. After an introduction by Jacques Marion, Dr. Otsuka spoke to us for about an hour and then fielded questions from the audience. His talk touched on some of his many experiences and included sound advice about the importance of tithing and being careful what we say when dealing with contacts.

As regards tithing, he explained that during the wine-making process, part of the liquid evaporates away. However, this is traditionally referred to as the “angels’ portion”, because the flavor of the remaining part is enhanced as a result and, therefore, one does not regret losing it. In the same way, we should not regret giving the 10% portion of our income to God, because He will bless us all the more as a result. On the second point, he explained how things had gone awry in the early days of the movement because, ignoring True Father’s advice, some witnessing at Ewha University had been too direct which led to heavy persecution.

On the afternoon of Sunday 13 October, we were blessed by the visit of Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb, our regional group chairs, and Mr. and Mrs. Moulinet, our regional leaders, who made the journey from Camberg following the witnessing seminar held that weekend, even though Dr. and Mrs. Balcomb had to return the same evening to prepare for their flight to Turkey the next day. Thanks to their sacrifice, we were able to consecrate the Holy Ground in Luxembourg in their presence and with their guidance.

Afterwards, Dr. Balcomb explained how True Father had been welcomed by only 14 members on his first visit to the USA and that we should therefore not be discouraged by the presence of only 14 members to consecrate the Holy Ground. He further encouraged us to have faith in True Mother’s words that Cheon Il Guk is coming and to take action to testify to our True Parents.

True Father created the Holy Ground in Luxembourg on 9 August 1965 and, until recently, it was thought to be located on a somewhat desolate hill on the outskirts of the city. Given the remoteness of this place, our former Special Emissaries, Dr. No Hi Pak and Dr. Lan Young Moon, had advised us to make a new Holy Ground in a more accessible location. Subsequently, the finding of Mrs. Won Pok Choi’s diary entry from that time enabled us to identify the correct location of the Holy Ground True Father created as the “Parc des Trois Glands” or Three Acorns Park, an area in the present day Kirchberg area overlooking the city.

Since True Father had gone to a cinema in Luxembourg after making the Holy Ground, we concluded the visit in a restaurant next door to a cinema. During this time, Dr. Balcomb gave us encouragement to move forward the providence in Luxembourg after making this new start.

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