Kenya: Eid–Ul-Haj and Peace Road 2017


by Wakhisi Fredrick, UPF Kenya

Our event on September 30, 2017was hosted by the Hon. Deputy Chief Kadhi of Kenya Mr. Rashid Omar at his court yard. As an Ambassador of Peace, he sincerely called on all people to rise above the partisan lines either of religion, culture and nationality and embrace each other as one human family under God as espoused by UPF especially now as Kenya heads to a repeat of Presidential elections. The UPF-Kenya Executive director Mr. Fredrick Wakhisi as the Master of ceremony on his opening remarks called on Religious leaders to rise to the occasion and offer Parental guide and leadership at every level of the society so as to bridge the gap prevailing in between the two political divides of NASA and Jubilee.

The 300 participants were drawn from diverse backgrounds representing the human diversity and faith. The Administration Police band guided through the 3km walk form Samaj International School after a ceremonial Ngong river clean up and peace tree planting signaling the need for a paradigm shift centering of cleaning up of mind and heart geared towards goodness.

The event culminated with the awarding of Mr. Suntinder Singh Jabbal who donated the meals for the 300 participants and Chris Kobe as Ambassadors for Peace. In his acceptance speech he also emphasized on the need to practice a life of living for the sake of others as also championed by the Sikh faith. In conclusions participants were all in unison in the guiding principles and ideals for lasting peace as expressed by Rev. Mwalago Kililo the Chairman, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International Kenya chapter as the basic frame work of thought towards promoting a culture of peace long cherished by all humanity. The groups in participation to be engaged on follow up in True Family values and Peace education to advance the culture of Heart and peace in support of vision 2020.

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