Italy: IAPP Inauguration


By Giuseppe Cali, UPF Italy

Following the IAPP starting in Seoul and London, UPF and WFWP in Italy started right away to work on it, together with two members of the Italian Parliament and one member of the European Parliament, that attended those events. The result was that in the following months we could have four conferences in the Italian Parliament and organize a next event on December 5th to present the IAPP to the European Parliament. All this foundation conveyed to this inauguration held on October 25th in the “Refettorio Hall of San Macuto Palace”, one of the main halls of the Italian Parliament, with the participation of around 110 guests.

Among them 11 parliamentarians directly attending, one European parliamentarian that from Bruxelles sent a video message (the one that is organizing with us the conference at the European Parliament), and around 100 other guests from the civil society: economists, president of NGOs, professors, politicians and others.

In the morning we had the opportunity to use the parliament hall for a press conference, broadcasted live in streaming to the Parliament web site. Three parliament members, one politician former Parliament member of San Marino, the president of the main Human rights organization in Italy, and the secretary of UPF Europe, Jack Marion, could explain in one hour the purpose and development of the IAPP in the world. This video was already seen and downloaded by many people. The explanations were very clear and full of hope and commitment from all participants.

The conference consisted of two parts: the first the inauguration that culminated with the proclamation and signature of the IAPP declaration and the second a conference on the topic: “Italy as a bridge of Peace in the Mediterranean”. The first part was dedicated to the speeches of the parliamentarians, while the second to experts of different sectors: economist, freedom of religion’s activists, research institute experts, human rights operators. All the papers given were excellent and well appreciated and we are preparing a publication to summarize the main contents. Especially outstanding was the emphasis given to the founders and their organization by all speakers. Carlo Zonato, president of the UPF Italy and Gabriella Mieli, vice president of WFWP Italy moderated the two sessions, while Elisabetta Nistri, president of WFWP gave a speech on the role of women in the building a new society. Giuseppe Calì, the South Europe leader and Italian National leader gave a final short speech on building a new society based on new paradigms. Dr. Otsuka speech was very well received. He testified in a deep way of the life and work of our True Parents and explain some of their accomplishments to which he could cooperate.

In the following morning, Dr. Otsuka, Jack Marion, Giuseppe Calì and Gabriella Mieli were invited to visit again the Parliament, to speak about future developments. We could know three new parliamentarians willing to support, that could not attend the inauguration. We were offered to use a meeting hall in the parliament as a base for IAPP operations.

Concluding, I really feel God’s Grace is mobilizing Heaven to support us in many ways. All this was unthinkable just few years ago, but now, especially with the conclusion of the three years of mourning after True Father ascension, Heaven is open widely to us. I’d like to say that the main condition for this to happen, is the total unity with True Mother that all of us are committed to live. Besides, this vertical unity with True Father in Heaven and True Mother on earth, generated a very united team working on the National level.

FFWPU, UPF, WFWP, CARP and youth, we all work together supporting each other well. We all feel the big responsibility we have to convey Heaven’s Blessing to our country and we are well aware that we have still a long way to go, but we are happy and united, and we feel, for the first time in the history of our movement in Italy, that we can really break through on the National level if we can march together with True Parents with one heart and one vision. We are now looking forward to organize new level activities together with our brothers and sisters parliamentarians that are experiencing for the first time in their life, through us, the love of our beloved True Parents.

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