Italy: A New Start


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

From September 26th to 29th Chairman Dr. Balcomb and his wife Fumiko, visited the cities of Milano and Rome. The two communities gathered in the evening to receive them and listen their speeches on the latest providential developments.

The approach of Dr. Balcomb was quite surprising when at the beginning he asked members to play a game based on unity and then to set the chairs in a circle. Everyone introduced briefly himself and then he started to speak about an experience with True Mother in which she asked him what Divine Principle chapter was his favorite when he joined the church. He surprised her by replying with a science fiction story: “the Dark Star”. This story symbolize the fall and the restoration, emphasizing the importance of catching up with the providential moment in which mankind can escape Satan’s power and go back to the original state by starting to gravitate around True Parents. The chapter symbolized was the consummation of human history.

He spoke about the Pilgrim Fathers of America and how very few people could establish the beginning of such big country for the world providence. “The miracle of ownership” that True Mother wanted to repeat in USA at the Madison Square Garden and that now she wants to repeat in Europe when she will come. He encouraged us to offer our cities as the place where she could come challenging our own limitations.

In the world there are many problems but we should not focus on that. The problems have all one source: the fall of Adam and Eve, but now we have True Parents that are the new roots. So, first we have to unite with them.

Second, we have Divine Principle. We have to revive the content of DP, since in many cases we are not studying them anymore since long time. DP are still true: “Make a commitment to study DP again”. Third, True Mother asked to give the Blessing to huge numbers of people. In many successful countries they cannot focus in teaching a religion or convert people, but in cooperation with governments they just give the Blessing. Even though in many countries huge things are happening, they don’t have the same influence that a European city has, including Rome or Milano. If a change can happen here, this can really influence the entire

world. He concluded by saying: “I believe, as True Mother, that this is the time in which this is possible. Let’s work to make your community victorious in Blessing 430 couples. There are churches in which we are going to bless the entire congregation. Work together as a team and you will make it”.

At the end, in Milano, we went all together to eat a pizza and we could share many other things enjoying the brotherly feeling and the Italian food.

It was a great experience for all brothers and sisters that attended even though it was a week day and, I believe, a successful encouragement to fulfill our providential role in this time and share our happiness and gratitude in being part of a huge human family centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Thank you!

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