Philippine: Inauguration of YSP and the 5th International Youth Assembly


By IPLC Journalism Students

The inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace – Philippines was successfully conducted during the 5th International Youth Assembly (IYA) held last September 22-24, 2017 in Cauayan City, Isabela Province which was spearheaded by the Collegiate Association for the Research of the Principles (CARP) – Philippines and Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) – Philippines. The 3-Day Youth Assembly which gathered around 450 student and youth leaders from different colleges, universities and youth groups all over the Philippines and from abroad, has the theme, “Peace-Loving Global Youth: Nation-builders for Positive Change”. This International Youth Conference was held in partnership with the Cauayan City Local Government and the Provincial Government of Isabela.

The 5th IYA kicked-off in the first day with the International Youth Forum which gathered a total number of 450 local and international youth delegates from at least 34 different universities and colleges and youth organizations all over the country. International participants hailed from countries such as Korea, Japan, Russia, Moldova, Congo and Liberia. Master of ceremonies, Mr. Ronnie Sodusta instantly brightened up the morning by starting off with the recognition of the schools and organizations present. The opening program began with a doxology delivered by the Isabela State University (ISU) Roxas Dance Troupe, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. The opening remarks was given by the President of CARP Philippines, Mr. Rene Lansangan, who in his speech encouraged the youth to play an active role in the development of society for a positive change. In his speech he said, “We, the younger generation are the social actors of change; the guiding force of the future. Regardless of the nationality, race, social class and the walk of life you belong, for as long as we believe that we are young people, we are the hope of the future. We are the purpose of today. If the young people of a country flourish with high morals, surely the nation will prosper.” The welcome address was given by the representative of the mayor of Cauayan city, Hon. Bernard Faustino Dy; Counselor Arco Meris. He gave everyone a warm welcome and expressed his gratitude to the event’s hosts for choosing the city of Cauayan to be the venue for an event concerning youth empowerment. After a video presentation entitled, “Dreams of IYA,” showing a compilation of video clips from past IYA since the year 2012, the keynote address was delivered by the Chairman of CARP and YFWP, Engr. Julius Malicdem. He emphasized about the importance for the youth to embody the heart of filial piety or Hyo Jeong in order to be builders for the betterment of the nation. In his speech he said, “Filial piety which is love and respect for your parents and elders is one of the greatest virtues that should be practiced if you want to succeed in life. Through this foundation of filial heart, young people can have a more stable commitment to build healthy and happy families in the future.” Afterwards, a special message was delivered by Cheon Il Guk Youth Envoy, Mr. Katsuhiko Teramae, where he strongly spoke to the students about the true meaning of being a leader. After a short break the first symposium began with Engr. Malicdem as the presenter with a lecture entitled, “Peace-loving Global Youth: Find Your Purpose, Transform the World,” where he discussed to the young leaders about the five universal principles in order to attain peace namely: God is the parent of humankind, Human beings are essentially spiritual in nature, Living for the sake of others, Marriage is a sacred institution and lastly, Interreligious and interracial cooperation is essential to world peace.

One of the reactors was Hon. Jonabel Tamayo, councilor of San Mateo, Isabela who was also a former CARP member during her college days shared her insights about how the Five Principles of Peace made an impact in her way of governance when she entered politics. Another reactor was Mr. Ronald Gil Joy Bilang, president of Philippine Student Regent. He encouraged the students to be of service to the community by using whatever field they are taking up in school to promote peace. The next topic was entitled, “Environmental Protection and Volunteerism,” presented by Dr. Giovani Ahunin, where he encouraged the youth to possess a heart to protect the earth and urged them to ignite the spirit of volunteerism when it comes to conservation and preservation of the natural environment. His reactors were Mr. Hurjae Lubag, co-founder- Project 2030, Mr. Hermogenes T. Gacho, DAKILA Philippines Collective for Modern Heroism and Mr. Arvin Longcop from the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Isabela. The third session was presented by the President for the Youth and Students for Peace- Philippines (YSP), Prof. Richell Jalipa, entitled, “The Role of Academe in Promoting Youth Leadership and Social Change.” He gave a powerful and insightful lecture on the importance of the country’s educational system to be more focused on character development more than academic competence in order to raise young leaders of heart that can lead the nation. His reactor was Mr. Luijim Jose who gave a striking yet endearing message addressed to his fellow educators about his profession as a teacher.  The last lecture was presented by Prof. Jalipa entitled, “In Search of Pure Love: Marriage, Family and Sexuality,” where he discussed about the horrors of premarital sex among youth in the society and emphasized the importance of keeping one’s purity before marriage and fidelity after. At the end of his lecture, he asked all students to rise and recite the Pure Love Pledge. One of his reactors, Mr. Angelito Obcena, Regional Director of Population Commission of Region II gave a statistical presentation of the alarming rise in the number of unwanted teenage pregnancy and its consequences in the region. This was followed by Mrs. Merly Barlaan, President of WFWP Philippines who presented a report on the endeavors of Bohol youth to make the Pure Love alliance and its various activities for the young people in the province such as Pure Love concert and a search for Mister and Miss Pure Love. The last reactor was a second generation and Marketing Head of the National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC), Ms. Yea Mi Custodio who gave an empowering message to all about how seriously youth should take matters of purity. She encouraged everyone to know their identity, their worth and purpose. The first day ended with a socialization night where delegates are given time to bond and get to know each other while enjoying a series of performances by representatives of different universities and organizations. The induction of WCARP leaders and officers took place afterwards, where existing and new officers took an oath. The hall was turned into an open dance floor as delegates danced the night away signifying the end of the first day of the 3- day International Youth Assembly 2017.

The 2nd day of the 5th International Youth Assembly was dedicated to CARP Symposium, morning session; and the IYAlimpics, afternoon session. This was held in the F.L. Dy Coliseum, Cauayan City in Isabela. With Mr. Jun Young Teves, as the master of ceremony, the program started with and the singing of the Philippine national anthem. Atty. Roman Cammayo, OIC of the Office of the President of the Isabela State University, delivered the Welcome Remarks. This was followed by an inspirational message given by Mr. Renz De Vera, Executive Vice President of the National Alliance of Youth Leaders. He reminded the students that the best way to inspire the people around as youth leaders, is to do it with love. After which, an inspirational message was delivered by Mr. Aeron Christian Saret, the Head of Media Communications and Marketing of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship- Go Negosyo. He started his lecture by showing a video presentation about the fallen soldiers who fought the war in Marawi and spoke about being a hero in one’s community. Then, Dr. Venus Agustin, President of the World Tong Il Moo Do Federation- Asia (WTMF) and International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) gave a special presentation entitled, “Zero to Hero Project” about WTMF’s goal to raise up 10,000 youth Tong Il Moo Do (Unified Martial Arts) instructors for the sake of the world. He spoke about the 120-day martial arts program which is currently in its third batch and taking place in the campus of IPLC where youth of different walks of life are being trained to be disciplined martial artists with high morals who can be sent out to the world to educate other youth like themselves. This was followed by another special lecture delivered by Mr. Leo Halog, the officer-in-charge of YSPe Asia and the Director of Asian Leadership Training Program (ALT). He explained about the great vision and mission of YSP  as well as the goal as envisioned the Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. He emphasized that better future lies in the hands of righteous youth with high morals. A resolution for the YSP was done simultaneously by selected university representatives for the institutionalization of the organization in their respective campuses. After lunch, the students participated in the IYAlimpics where they practiced unity and honing their camaraderie amongst each other by participating in a series of games and team-building activities. Other delegates proceeded outside to make placards and banners to be used during the Pure Love Rally on the next day. The game master, Mr. Jovencio Gulayao of CARP guided the participants in fun-filled activities like the dance- off challenge, Coconut shell relay called “Kadangkadang”, Tug of Peace, Limbo Rock and the crowd favorite, Balloon Tower Challenge. Loud cheers and laughter of excited and competitive, young leaders filled the coliseum as they unite and try to beat their opponents as a team, in a healthy competition. The IYAlympics ended after selected volunteer participants shared their reflections and testimonies on stage regarding their IYA experience.

On the morning of September 24, around 500 student delegates from home and abroad gathered at the Isabela State University Cauayan Campus, the starting point of the Pure Love Rally where they marched on the streets of Cauayan City to the FL Dy Coliseum, with their banners and placards promoting their conviction for purity, abstinence before marriage, and fidelity after. The campaign for purity before marriage was truly one of the highlights of this annual International Youth Assembly. In the pre-program where the marchers were joined by 1,400 more, where they witnessed special performance from the International Peace Leadership College Tong Il Moo Do Martial Arts demonstration team. The Mayor of Cauayan City, Hon. Bernard Faustino Dy delivered his Welcome Message to the delegates which was followed by a Pure Love lecture delivered by Prof. Richell Jalipa, the incoming President of YSP Philippines. He emphasized about youth empowerment centering on the values of keeping one’s purity before marriage as a foundation to creating ideal families in the future that will be the basis for an ideal society, nation and world. This was followed by the recitation of the Pure Love Pledge headed by Pure Love youth ambassadors, Ms. Yea Mi Custodio and Mr. Gem Custodio, as delegates in their booming voice took the oath to uphold purity.

One of the highlights of the 5th International Youth Assembly (IYA) was the inauguration of the Youth and Student for Peace (YSP) Pilipinas. YSP which was launched last February 23, 2017 in South Korea will become the umbrella organization of all the established organizations for the youth and students of the Unification Movement. YSP will form a strong alliance of righteous and filial young people to realize peace and transform the world centered on God and True Parents. Han Moon and it was launched last February 23, 2017 in Cheong Pyeong Youth Center, South Korea. YSP is now advancing from Korea to other countries like Japan, Thailand and this time, in the Philippines. Mr. Ryan Tupas, President of YFWP delivered the Opening Remarks which was followed by a Welcome Address from Hon. Faustino G. Dy III, Governor of Isabela Province, through Board Member Hon. Abbie Sable. A video presentation was presented as an introduction of YSP Pilipinas. Dr. Julius Malicdem, Chairman of YFWP and CARP Philippines delivered the Keynote Address. Some performances were presented including the dance performed by the CIG Youth from Japan. Then, the resolution crafted by the IYA delegates was read and presented supporting the advocacy of YSP in the Philippines. This was followed by the signing of the resolution by representative leaders. Next was the appointment of new Collegiate Ambassadors for Peace, Youth Ambassadors for Peace and Ambassadors for Peace. Mr. Rene Lansangan, President of CARP Philippines delivered the closing remarks.

The program was rightfully concluded with resounding cheers of “Eog Mansei – Mabuhay” and the very dynamic unity dance “Mujokeon” led by selected delegates. Onwards YSP and until next IYA!

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