Human Rights Forum in the Peruvian Congress


by Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

On the 4th of October UPF Peru President Dr. Trevor Edward Jones was invited by Congressman Moises Mamani to speak in the Congress during a forum about Human Rights. Other guests included the Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates and the Ambassador of Indonesia as well as two more congressmen and various experts and representatives of ONGs.

A panel of experts gave different opinions about the need for existing Human Rights legislation to be more widely understood by the population so that they understood how to claim their rights when they were violated. Many women in Peru suffer daily abuse and attacks due to the “machismo” attitude of many men.  The speakers also called for more action by the government to implement the laws and make sure that lawyers and police were more aware of the responsibility that they had to help such people.

Dr. Jones spoke about the vision of the Universal Peace Federation, emphasizing two main aspects: – “We are one family under God” and “The family is “the school of love and peace”” and applying them to the current topic.

He also explained the brief history of the Peace Federation, its foundation in 2005 by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the various aspects of its work in Peru and the World. He also mentioned the coming meeting of AIPP and its inauguration in Peru, inviting the congressmen to attend.

Following the speeches various leaders were recognized for their work including Dr. Jones “for his outstanding contribution to the peace of Peru and between nations, recognizing many Peruvians as persons of peace and the social good “  ( Appointing Ambassadors for Peace)

An audience of more than 200 people listened carefully to the presentations and applauded the speakers.

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