Germany: Say What You Stand for!

Proclaiming True Parents As Luther said 500 ago: Say what you stand for!


By Werner Fehlberg, FFWPU Germany

I was very inspired by what Dr. Mike Balcomb mentioned, “This year, 2017, is the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s proclamation and outside every church in Germany, there is a little stage like this and people are invited to stand on that stage and say what they stand for, what they want to proclaim.”

I strongly feel that our members need to stand on that stage and proclaim the coming of True Parents, right away. This is a good chance and I think that people are much readier than we believe.

Okay, I thought. Then we would have already won. Thus, I had the idea that we could also take a stand here in Düsseldorf and freely proclaim our True Parents under the slogan: “Here we stand and take no other course.”

I obtained permission from the Düsseldorf Police Department to hold an assembly on Saturday 14 October. (This is necessary if one intends to use an amplifier and loudspeaker).

I bought an extension cable, packed my bass amplifier and borrowed a microphone and cable.

Thus equipped, I set off with my wife Michiko for the Oberbilker Market, where Herbert Beyer was already waiting at our book table. I was able to use the electrical outlet of a friendly baker’s shop–and so we got started.

I spoke about the three great challenges faced by our society: egotism, the collapse of the family structure and interreligious conflicts. These are what we describe as God’s three big headaches.

Of course, I offered the solution offered by the Divine Principle. Then my basic honesty overcame me and I admitted that these were not my own ideas, but were taken from the thoughts of the founders of the Family Federation: Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

I then invited the gathered audience to come to the nearby Family Federation center in order to further discuss this analysis of society’s problems and the solution.

More people than expected- even if less than hoped for- came for a deeper discussion. But I think it is worth attempting out new strategies and to venture away from the old well-trodden paths.

It was worth a try! We will continue this approach. God Bless!

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