Finland: HARP Purity Workshop


By Antto Hassinen, FFWPU Finland

We had the Finnish HARP Autumn workshop on October 13 to 15, 2017, on the topic of “Purity – the Treasure at the End of the Rainbow” with 12 harpies attending. It had been a while since the previous purity workshop, so the new HARP committee decided this was the most important topic for the 2nd generation ranging 12–17 years old right now.

The lectures covered topics such as the meaning and importance of purity, different temptations and how to overcome them as well as the matching process and life after the Blessing. The lecturers were all elder 2nd generation who could share about their own experience and give practical tips and examples.

The lectures this time had practical case exercises as part of them where a certain story or situation was described and harpies had to discuss what would be the best course of action, what the worst one would be and where they themselves would have acted differently. The participants seemed to particularly benefit from these case exercises as they had to immediately put into practice what they had learned from the lectures. This clearly facilitated their understanding as well as gave them ideas on how to cope in a similar situation themselves.

Besides lectures we also had a question and answer session where the harpies had the opportunity to ask any purity-related questions on their mind. This time there were more questions than usually which showed how attentive the participants had been.

To balance the lectures, we also had a miniature challenge day where the harpies did different tasks outside in the surrounding area. We concluded the challenge day with relaxing sauna and swimming in a nearby swimming hall.

All in all, the workshop went really well. The most important content came across clearly and the harpies seemed to take it in seriously. Also, the new HARP committee, backed by a couple of elder 2nd gen, did a great job in organizing their first workshop with new and fresh ideas! We hope that everyone who attended the workshop will really make our Heavenly Parent and True Parents proud with their efforts to lead a life of purity and true love!

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