Europe: Outreach Seminar


Prepared by FFWPU Europe

During the weekend of October 14-15 2017, around 80 European leaders and members gathered for an outreach seminar with Mrs. Hiraki from Los Angeles, California. This seminar took place in Bad Camberg, Germany.

Mrs. Hiraki witnessed within the last 4 years over 100 students in her city. She uses the one-on-one method. We received in-depth presentations about how to use this method. One aspect is the studying of the Exposition of the Divine Principle book of the sp. parent together with the sp. child on campus in the cafeteria, and also a deep motherly heart for them. Like this, they could totally revive the CARP movement in Los Angeles. We also received testimonies from London. There, Mrs. Mieko Davies is applying the system of Mrs. Hiraki, and they are also starting to have results.

We received very inspiring presentations by Martine Masner on building up a tribe, David and Patricia Earle on their tribal messiah activity with various communities in Birmingham, UK, by Ulrich Ganz, who is leading witnessing in the Hamburg region of Germany (incl. witnessing on the Gießen campus), and Trevor Davies on his system for small groups.

On Saturday evening we had a presentation on how to witness to Christian ministers. On Sunday morning, we watched True Mother’s rally in Kanagawa, Japan over the internet. We felt great inspiration from True Mother’s words! Also o ur regional chairman, Dr. Michael Balcomb visited our workshop, and gave us the final pep-talk!

From Mrs. Hiraki’s testimony we felt the well-known spirit when God’s spirit is moving. From this workshop we understood that we have to find and catch God’s spirit again and then miracles will start happening!

We will make it happen!

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