Dominican Republic: The 6th GWPN

by Leonidas Belliard, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On October 18, 2017, with the presence of 120 distinguished women leaders, the WFWP held the 6th GWPN (Global Women’s Peace Network) celebration centering on the international president, Rev. Yeon Ah Nim, Mrs. Alexa Ward, representing the WFWP of United States and Mrs. Teiko Kono, Caribbean general secretary and local vice president of WFWP. Besides them, a selected special group of women leaders from different fields attended with great attitude and enthusiasm. Among them 5 current congresswomen, 12 leaders of NGOs came over supporting WFWP.

The program began with the national anthem, followed by a prayer. And then, the local president of WFWP, Dr. Diana Contreras gave the welcoming remarks, encouraging women to continue pursuing the goal of building a world of peace and harmony, even they may see the danger and difficult situation we are living in.

Dr. Dae Hee Hong gave a speech congratulating the event and highlighting the important role of role of the women in this present era toward world of peace. He went through several statistics that shows the family background is the main problem of our society today. He expressed his honor to Yeon Ah Nim traveling such very long distance to be with us and deliver True Mother’s loving heart to all of you, special women leaders. The social crisis of the world came from the breakdown of families, so its solution can come only through making better families.

Rev. Yeon Ah Nim gave the main speech and showed how much True Mother’s love to humankind, especially women who sacrifice for the sake of searching world peace. We all desire to be free and live in peace and harmony, but today’s world is a self-centered one, putting individual benefit first, so this attitude put down away the hope of a harmonious world. We are the ones who can bring back this hope and make real the world of peace. Today’s world have no center, so it could not goes right, we need to bring back the family values and give hope to our children.

Mr. Cesar Regalado red a summary of True Mother’s speech at Madison Square Garden titled “Peace begin with me” in the occasion of the rally last July 15th, 2017. He finished by singing a song entitled “May be peace on earth”.

Dr. Cristina Perez, Vice Minister of Women Affairs, read a speech on behalf of her boss the Minister of Women Affairs, Mrs. Janet Camilo.

A session of testimonies was open where 10 women leaders gave their testimonies. The 5 congresswomen where the first to express gratitude to WFWP and showed how determined they are to promote women to the parliament in order to have more possibilities to make project and laws supporting the strengthening of families as cornerstone for building a better society.

They said, “Peace begins with woman, but they are still very few to mobilize the whole society, so they will be increasing the number of women to create a powerful society based on healthy families.

5 more women leaders gave nice testimonies on how happy they were to be able to participate in such peace promoting organization like WFWP.

Through this event, WFWP is enlarging connections to promote Pure Love Rally and Absolute Sex teaching to young people, especially to the students who are our focus at this moment in order to prevent family crisis and give them good preparation to marriage through blessing centering on God’s love to build healthy families and better society. WFWP is very determined to collect 350,000 signs from young people as their commitment to keep their sexual purity for building strong families.

The event finished with 4 nice songs sang by Alicia Baroni, our peace ambassador and a very popular singer in this country.

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