Croatia: Peace Road 2017


By Dejan Perhat, FFWPU Croatia

FFWPU Croatia, for the first time, took part in the worldwide Peace road project in Zagreb, Croatia, on October 21. 2017. Our Peace road event began at 3 pm in the city park, with 27 participants from several Croatian blessed families.

After short a speech by Peace road coordinator Mr. Perhat, we sang the song ”Tongil” and made common photos. After that we went to our Holy grand, where we have prayed together for peace and unity. From there we went to the city Centre.

First, we prayed and sang the song ”Tongil” in front of the Orthodox Church and after that in the front of Catholic church (main cathedral). In this way, we wanted to connect traditional spiritual foundation of our country with the new spiritual foundation of the Unification Movement.

While we prayed in front of the Orthodox Church, one brother had a spiritual revelation. He saw three Orthodox priests who gave us a blessing from the spiritual world.

Another miracle happened in front of the Catholic Church. As we sang the Korean song Tongil, a group of Korean tourists accidentally appeared. We invited them to join us. At first shocked, and after a bit of hesitation, they joined us. Then we sang again the Korean song Tongil.

Korean tourists were initially shocked when they saw someone singing a Korean song in front of them so far away from their homeland, but then they joined us in singing. They sang Tongil with a lot of emotion and love and they showed us how much they love their country.

We finished Peace road event with cakes and talk.

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