Central African Republic: International Day of Peace


Prepared by UPF Central African Republic

On the occasion of celebration of the International Day of Peace with the theme “Together for Peace”, the Central Africa UPF organized a peace education workshop for the Church Cooperation Jesus Christ’s young ambassadors of MANDJA-OTTO in the 6th borough of Bangui on September 21, 2017.

We had over 50 participants which included the Chief Pastor VOUKA Paul, Head of the youth branch of the church, Pastor FAIMA Dieudonné, and the deacons GBOGORO Bienvenu and GAZA Anicet.

After a Christian song sang by all participants, the MC immediately introduced Rev. Noel Mathias Salogba, the General Secretary of UPF introduced the members of his delegation composed of:

  • Pastor Jean Paul GERE KOBWANGA, Vice President of the FFWPU
  • Pastor Steve MOGUENDJA MOKALO General Secretary of the FFWPU

The first presentation was on “The 5 Universal Principles of Peace” given by Pastor Steve MONGUENDJA MOKALO.

The second lecture entitled “Attitudes and Behavior for Success in Studies” was chosen in agreement with the Church Pastor to prepare the young people to begin the next school year by taking responsibility.


  • Pastor Paul Vouka, said: “We thank God for giving us the opportunity this afternoon to learn many good things through the teachings of the Universal Peace Federation.
  • Two points caught my attention, the Family and Sexuality. Indeed, parents are the lighthouses of the family. They have a responsibility to educate children in the right direction helping them to become good executives of society. Our children will soon return to school they need education about sexuality.’’
  • We ask the UPF to come back to our church to give us all the relative teachings. As a chief pastor, I will mobilize all members of the community to take part.
  • We thank you very much for your hard work. We are waiting for you with open arms for the rest of the teaching program. God bless you!

The prayer of Pastor Jean Paul GERE-KOMBWANGA closed this event.

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