Cameroon: Heavenly Tribal Messiahship


Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

An Heavenly Messiah Team of 7 persons went down to a beautiful and traditionally renowned Bafut fandom whose palace is a UNESCO Heritage, and visited 31 villages from the 25th June 2017 to 23rd September 2017.

After some ground works, the group succeeded in presenting our IPBF program to the paramount Fon ABUMBI II of the Bafut fandom. The Paramount chief though polygamous deeply discovered the necessity of our program as a relief program for the liberation of his land from ancestral frustration, family problems and as well as a way to bring about national integration and unity. He equally applauded our approach as an exquisite means for true sustainable development. He blessed us to start activities within his fandom but advised us to go gradually and steadily as he works in restructuring his traditional Council.

Working with the Paramount Chief’s blessing, we presented our IPBF program to two princes of the fandom, and the person who finally became the elected Chairman of the fandom’s traditional Council. They were delighted, one of the prince received the blessing, gone through forty-day separation and three-day ceremony successfully.

While working arduously, our group met with a relative of the fon, Chief Willam Mundasi of Mbebili (this person had been to Cheongpyeong for a 40-day workshop sometimes ago and shows great interest in contributing for the success of our program), Chief Samon of Ntabuwe (he mobilized 11 couples and received blessing as we continue to educate them), Chief Nforbah (young, single and has received a seven days DP education package, dedicated to go to the forth coming blessing).

The group blessed in one remote village of Acheni, and increased outreached and blessing within another village of Mbebali as the group overcomes the huge persecution by the dominant Presbyterian Church faithful. Other outreach activities include encounters with the second deputy mayor of Bafut, a gathering of Bafut Pentecostal Pastors, Unique Ladies. These groups are still demanding more education and make our group indebted, as we find a strong urge to come back for more activities.

A total of 247 couples were contacted 47 couples of them have been bless in this locality, 9 went till the end of the 45 Days.

The program will continue in this same area and many others.

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