Cameroon: Heavenly Tribal Messiah of Magba

Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

The tribal messiah mission to Magba was conducted by 04 couples coming from different parts of the country with the aim of laying a solid foundation in this district of the region of West Cameroon which is Magba. We went there because we understood that for Cameroon to come out and become a strategic country we must succeed in TRIBAL MESSIANISHIP.

Arriving at MAGBA on June 26, 2017, we used the approach of meeting the village leaders one by one, those who were available, to explain to them our blessing program. Following this, the chief and his notables fix a date so they can invite the population of couples in their tribes. This method did not really pay off as after 21 days of work from village to village we educated about blessing more than 120 families and we had to bless only 11 couples.

We changed the method of witnessing this time by remaining only in the village of Magba especially with the support of 25 children of the second generation who came to the same city for a mobilization of 43 days. This time with our young people, we went door-to-door or invited families (the couple and their children if they are the age of 16 and above) to come to participate in a conference on “strengthening our families, building our nation, creating a world of lasting peace.” When couples come with their children, while we parents handle the couples with the conference, their children are taken by our youths to teach them “the true values of youth and pure love” Each of our conferences always ended with a blessing especially if at least one of the guests came in couple because sometimes, guests who came without their partners were many more than the guests who came with their partners. This method did not also bear fruit looking at the statistics because after almost 40 days we had to bless only 4 couples out of at least 210 families contacted.

When our 2nd generation children ended up with their mobilization, we once again changed the approach by adopting the method of going home to meet couples to explain the blessing and bless them. This is the method that works best because after 30 days we have blessed 33 couples in their homes out of 45 families contacted.

So when we reached the end of our 90 days of mobilization for the Heavenly tribal messiah mission in Magba, we drew the following statistics:

  1. Number of families contacted in total: approximately 375
  2. Number of families who listened to our blessing message: about 155
  3. Number of c4. Number of couples who completed the 40 days separation: 14
  4. Number of couples who finished the 03 days ceremony and starting family life: 03 couples who participate at the blessing: 48

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