Cambodia: Peace Road 2017 (Final Batch)


Prepared by UPF Cambodia

This was the last batch for the Peace Road Cambodia 2017. While 1st & 2nd Batch Peace Road, we ran 1185.5km, held 7 (HTM/ Youth) Seminars (Belti Institute in Phnom Penh, Pursat Provincial Hall, Battambang Provincial Hall, Pailin Provincial Hall, Bantey Meanchay Provincial Hall, Siem Reap Provincial Hall, Kampong Thom Provincial Hall) and offer Jeongsong at 9 Holy Grounds. (Odom, Kampong Chhnang, Pursat, Battambang, Pailin, Bantey Meanchay, Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham). 3rd batch Peace Road Cambodia is the final batch for the Peace Road Cambodia 2017, ran totally 597.4km, 4 HTM/ Youth Seminars and offer Jeongsong at 6 Holy Grounds, from 25 September- 4th October, 2017, including holding Peace Road Vietnam 2017, Kampot (Cambodia)- Hà Tiên (Vietnam)- Kampot (Cambodia), 51.7km.

Takeo heavenly Tribal Messiah Conference

Peace Biker centering on CARP members from Battambang, Kampot and Phnom Penh departed from Phnom Penh to Takeo, 90.4km. Takeo HTM conference was hold at Takeo Provincial Hall with 150 participants, department directors from provincial hall, members of UYFC (Union of Youth Federation of Cambodia), members from Red Cross and members from Cambodia Scout. Chair for this event was the Deputy Provincial Governor, H.E. Ou Sophea, who already attended 3 days Divine Principle workshop in Bangkok. Since we have biking from Phnom Penh, including beginning of this conference, it was spiritually quite difficult but all those FFWPU members in Takeo (Takeo doesn’t have center but we have 12 members those who attended 3 days Divine Principle workshop and formed Home Group for maintaining their life of faith, central figure of this Takeo Home Group is, Mr. Sann Sokhom) supported spiritually for this conference, made this conference successful, finally.

Kampot Youth Conference

From Takeo, through Kep to Kampot, totally, we ran 110.4km. Kampot, is the FFWPU’s South/ South West Region’s Headquarter. Peace Road 2017 produced several local missionaries. (Those Peace Bikers ran whole Cambodia inspired to be the substantial saviors) 2 local missionaries came to Kampot from Battambang (which locates at North part of Cambodia). These 2 missionaries had never experience ocean in their life beside they were joining MFT. Because of these spiritual foundation, Kampot Youth Conference was quite successful with 300 youth. H.E. Sok Saran took the role as the chair for this conference and because of this foundation, H.E. Chan Cheseda, Provincial Governor to Kampot Province attended 3 days Divine Principle Seminar (Asian Leadership Conference) in Bangkok.

Peace Road 2016 Vietnam

With the corporation of CARP members/ Vietnam Youth, we have done Peace Road 2017 Vietnam, from Kampot, Prek Chak International Border, Hà Tiên International Border, to Hà Tiên. Totally 51.9km. We cross the border Cambodia- Vietnam. So far, our FFWPU foundation in Vietnam is very weak and it is not easy to break through because of the society situation. Peace Road will be the Jeongsong foundation for break through Vietnam Providence. Next year, we will mobilize Vietnam Youth to ride bicycle from Ho Chi Minh City to Hà Nội.  (1617.8km)

Preah Sihanuke Heavenly Tribal Messiah Conference

Preah Sihanuke is the totally pioneer place for us. We have never breakthrough both Witnessing and PR activities in this province, Preah Sihanuke. Kampot FFWPU leader: Mr. Pheav Hang, FFWPU Kampot Chair Committee: Mr. Sok Kriech and CARP-Kampot Leader: Mr. Chanrith and Mr. Samnang, they totally united to make this conference true. As the result for this effort, this HTM Conference at Preah Sihanuke Province became one of the very best conference for this series of Peace Road National Conference. From Kampot, it was 95.5km, Peace Biker ran till Preah Sihanuke Province. For Peace Biker, they needed to challenge for the mountain road from the beginning to the end. On the foundation of these Jeongsong, Preah Sihanuke Conference had held with Provincial Governor: H.E. Min Yun and Deputy Provincial Governor, H.E. Cheav Vichak with directors of provincial hall and members from UYFC, totally 260 participants. This is the third National Peace Road Conference that we had held with the presence of provincial governor. It became possible because of H.E. Ouk Damry presence, who is the converter of IAPP-Cambodia

Kampong Speu Youth Conference

Preah Sihanuke to Kampong Speu, Peace Biker ran totally 177.6km for 2 days. Kampong Speu Youth Conference, was held with the presence of H.E. Nem Sovath, who is the 4 star general and adviser for Minister of National Defense, H.E. Sor Puthra, Deputy Provincial Governor of Kampong Speu Province/ President of UYFC-Kampong Speu and H.E. Cheong Phet, Under Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development with 250 participants, mainly members of UYFC. All the VIPs’ speaker were the almni 3 days Divine Principle Seminar in Bangkok (ALC), so all VIPs speaker gave total investment for deliver message to the youth from Kampong Speu Youth. Kampong Speu province is the forth province that we consider there is a possibility for the provincial level restoration, and additionally it is strategically very important province for national restoration of Cambodia because it is near from capital city Phnom Penh/ 71.8km, a hour driving distance. There are 8 districts in Kampong Speu Province. We will spread out Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities to all these 8 districts, because of these firm foundation to this province.

Peace Road 2017 Cambodia

Peace Road 2017 in Cambodia ran totally 1782.9km, had held National Peace Road Conference 11 times, and offered Jeongsong for 15 Holy Grounds. Especially this third batch Peace Road Cambodia as final batch, we have done 4 times HTM/Youth conference at the each provincial hall, this is not only for the peace road but also this is the conference for the “International Day of Peace”, the activities support for UN activities. We will conclude Peace Road Cambodia 2017. As long as Peace Road is the activities for supporting International Highway Project, we need to cross the border. On the basis of this Jeongsong, last October, November, December, these 3 months is the golden season for Cambodia for witnessing. With this foundation, we will step up for the next level for the national restoration to Cambodia.


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