Albania: Peace Starts with Me


Prepared by CARP Albania

On October 27th – 29th 2017, a beautiful CARP workshop was held in our National Training Center near Tirana. The title of this event was: “Peace Stars with Me”

This kind of workshop we organize twice a year. The focus are young guests who came just few times in our local centers. During the workshop we challenge them physically through different games, and in the same time we try to touch their spirit and their minds through the lectures given by young carp leaders. Main focus of the lectures was to introduce main topics of the Divine Principle. Starting from the purpose of life, the origin of conflict and how we can solve it, team work, the importance of good communication and concluding with a lecture entitled “Peace Stars with Me”, where we talked more about True Parents, and we shared different messages from True Parents speeches. The participants where moved by those words, and they promised to reflect about their life.

The continuous investment of brothers and sisters in our centers made possible that more than 110 participants could gather for this workshop. Among them, more than 50 youngsters came in our workshops for the first time.

We took the model of organizing the workshop from Global Top Gun. We were a big tribe, centered on our amazing MCs, then the tribe was divided into two clans, and each clan was divided into smaller families. An amazing spirit and energy could be easily felt all over the place. They came as strangers, but they left as a family…

This kind of activity gives us again a great hope for Albania, and for God’s ideal to be realized in Albania. Brothers and sisters are so much inspired and determined to bring victory as we approach more and more to the vision 2020.

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