Albania: Blessed Family Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU Albania


Every year, in this time we organize a workshop for our blessed families. This time (from October 6th to 8th, 2017) we had families from Tirana, Elbasan, Durres, Korça, Vlora, Fier, Shkodra and Kosovo. Every time we prepare for such workshop our main concern is what kind of content to share and to offer to our blessed families, to be helpful in their spiritual growth and challenges in daily life.

But Heavenly Parent had already an idea and He made possible that three wonderful elder blessed families to come and share their heart and life experiences with our families.

Main lecturers for our workshop were Mr. Heinner & Ms. Carolyn Handschin from Swiss, a blessed family for more than 35 years, parents of 7 children. They are now in the position of Swiss National Leader and Ms. Carolyn is President of WFWP Europe.

Their presentations were coordinated with their life stories filled with so many different experiences. Main issues was raising children, relationship between husband and wife, counseling in separate groups of brothers and sisters. One more topic was about managing mission, family and work, offering to families’ importance of making priorities and giving the needed time in each of this important part of our life.

After that, our workshop continued with e presentation of Mr. Michael Balcomb, the Regional Leader of Europe who visited Albania for the first time together with his wife, Ms. Fumiko Balcomb. He brought a very active spirit through his presentation about Tribal Mesial, pointing out the real possibilities that we have to fulfill this mission.

There was another family who visited us for the first time, Mr. Umberto & Marylin Angeluci, who are Regional Leader in Middle East. Their testimony was very deep and practical same time. They shared how they faced life and death testimonies in different countries in Middle East and difficulties of their children faced in this course.

At the end of the workshop, we had the Sunday Service from Mr. Balcomb who shared with all other members who came from other cities the heart of True Mother and her determination to fulfill substantially CIG until 2020. Especially he emphasized that True Mother prays every day for Albania as strategic country in Europe.

At the end we can say that we really concluded with workshop with full of emotions and reflection in different aspects of our life of faith and daily life as couples and parents.


  • “This workshop was the most special because the lectures were given as life testimonies. Especially I liked also the presentations and guidance of Dr. Balcomb who was very real and practical.”
  • “The workshop of blessed families was very special and inspiring to me. I was impressed a lot from the testimonies of respected blessed families who shared their real challenges which every family goes through and this helped me a lot. Especially now that we will become parents for first time, that is a new challenge. I really found answers that I was looking for and felt warm and safe from their words on how they could overcome their difficulties. Their words make me reflect deeply and take them and an example for the future. Also the meeting between with sisters and Ms. Carolyn was very important to me. I got a lot of good advices from her and all sisters who shared their experiences and information’s which helps us a lot. I wish that such meetings will happen again. I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet with these wonderful people. From this workshop I got stronger and confident for my mission in life. Thank you from the heart.”

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