Italy: A Special Weekend to Renew Our Movement


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

We held a wonderful seminar in Colle Mattia, from Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th of October 2017. Attending the seminar were all the young leaders that are currently working to support the providential work in Italy, the Presidents of UPF and WFWP, the President and Vice President of FFWPU, plus two representatives of the pastors’ group:

Giuseppe Calì, Betty Nistri, Carlo Zonato, Ignazio Cabras, Adosco Comito, George Godonou, Gukson Capone, Godwin Chionna, Robin Chionna, Elena Chirulli, Aurora Fluckiger, Roberto Preciutti, Alessia Preciutti, Francesca Calì, Cristina Arcadi, Sara Stefani, Yoshika Fratello, Dario Biava. All together six elders and twelve young leaders, that formed a kind of committee to discuss about the renewal and development of our movement in Italy. Among the young leaders, a pastor, seven deputy pastors, UPF vice president, WFWP secretary, a youth leader and a witnessing leader.

To open the discussions there were some presentations, based on Rick Warren “Purpose drive church”, Tyler Hendricks “Family, church, community and Kingdom”, a power point on the Unification movement’s mission and leadership by Giuseppe Calì, plus a presentation from both the UPF and WFWP presidents to explain how our youth could strengthen the providential work of all our peace organizations.

Finally, an explanation on the Blessing centered providence and how we should focus our efforts to support it.

At the end of all presentation there was a broad and open discussion to evaluate our performances and create new ways to go over the past limitations. We could speak about the problems that block the development and outreach, about new ways of witnessing to mobilize more members and reach many more people, the use of social media, the building of a guest friendly environment, the renewal of Sunday Service and other important topics, including the relationship between generations.

What was really impressive was the harmony and openness with which we could all together face all problem, offer suggestions, forming plans for solutions. There were differences, of course, in the sensitivity of the leader and the young ones, but we could create a good balance between tradition and development in which everyone could feel happy.

We could even formulate a new pattern for Sunday Service, trying to elevate the spirit while living it with more hope and joyful spirit, in a way that even a guest coming for the first time could enjoy it. We decided to propose it to all communities and start to experiment it ready to improve it more and more. We cooperated also in making a new leaflet to invite people to the Blessing ceremony and decided to start soon a campaign for bigger and bigger Blessings in all communities.

About witnessing itself, these young leaders expressed the unnatural feeling many times they experienced in joining the elders’ style especially when they witness on the street. So, they suggested a much bigger involvement in social activities organized by us, but also by other groups, in order to make many new friends as a base to share our vision to good people in society. We indicated new responsible people for the media communication, translations and few other local tasks, so that more and more 2nd generation will be involved actively in the providential work.

We prayed, discussed, shared during the meals and lived together a very meaningful time in which we could feel no barriers and the constant presence of God among us. Numbers themselves indicated us the way we should go: 12 youth and 6 elders. It is the first time in which in such a meeting the young participants are more than the elders, even twice in number. We feel much hope for the future now and readier to respond to our beloved True Parents on the Vision 2020 goals.

A big “thank you” to Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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