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by Marthe Whyte, FFWPU GHANA

On Sunday, 17th September 2017, a previously married couple received the blessing in a community closed to Acrra. The lady is an Assembly woman and she has been supporting Women’s federation activities in the communities under her jurisdiction. The couple has then started their forty day separation period.

The National leader travelled during the week to Elubo in the Western Region   and returned on Friday, 22nd September.

On that same day, members in Accra, organised an il jeung prayer vigil at Ofankor, training Centre in Accra. Ten members attended   the prayer condition. The members spent the night praying and reading True Parents words until 4:00am on Saturday, 23rd September 2017. Special prayer conditions were made for the leadership, members, blessed families   , second generation and also for our current activities in Ghana. We also prayed for the newly blessed couples and finally for the incoming Cheong Pyeong Africa Tour, 2017. Praying that Ghana‘s members will be present in Benin next month.

On Sunday, 24 September 2017, there was Sunday at the Mile 7 temple. The sermon was delivered by an elder brother, Mr kwame Akins. Forty members attended the service.

The children also had their Sunday school and they were taught by maman Beata Morgan and maman Agathe Mesere Nyame. Thirteen children attended the service.

On Sunday just after the service there were two consecutive activities whining the church premise at Mile 7 in Accra.

First of all, the FFWPU-Ghana youth had a workshop. They were lectured by Miss Elizabeth Mensah, one of the youth who just returned from the Global Top Gun Youth Workshop in Korea.

She spent time explaining some of the major points received during the 21-day workshop. Twenty –two (22) young members participated in the workshop. Miss Mensah gave some of the teachings she received and also showed many pictures to illustrate the places she visited while in korea. The young members were inspired by her presentation and listened attentively to and put down touching points. The workshop will be scheduled again for another time to enable Miss Mensah to continue reporting on the teachings she received in Korea.

In the other hand, still after church service, the national leader called a meeting with the general Secretary of UPF (Mrs Helene Osei) and two other elder brothers who had been nominated to work closely with UPF’s office. Mrs Osei used the opportunity to discuss with the brothers and they all discussed about their action plan, especially as we received the memo announcing the incoming Africa Summit.


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