USA: Native Americans Inspired by the Divine Principle in Dallas


Prepared by FFWPU USA

Twenty people from as far as Oklahoma—including many Native Americans—arrived at the Dallas Family Church for a 3-day Divine Principle workshop from August 25 to 27.

Jene Bigfoot, an Oklahoma Unificationist, brought her children and several of her friends. Among them were three young men who had previously attended a 7-day retreat at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) with Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins. With the exception of Jene and the three young men, none of the Bigfoot family or friends had heard the Principle lectures. “To see the faces of these young Native Americans brighten as they progressed through the lectures moved my heart deeply,” said District 9 Pastor Rev. John Jackson.

Saturday was the main workshop day. Starting with a lecture on the Human Fall and ending with a description of the parallel periods in providential history, the day wrapped up the lectures dinner and a movie, The Shack. Through a combination of culture and education, the participants were able to gain a new perspective that differed from the Christian teachings regarding the Bible.

On the following morning at Sunday Service, the participants heard a fantastic sermon from Rev. Michael Jenkins, Co-Chair of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), in which he explained, based on the biblical story describing Peter’s meeting with Cornelius, that everyone needs to trust in the Lord and proclaim the name of True Parents. His encouragement brought those in attendance to a new level of understanding regarding the nature and importance of giving. The participants were deeply moved by his repeated emphasis on the need to do their very best. The loving and dynamic relationship between Rev. Jenkins and Mrs. Jenkins throughout the workshop was also beautiful to witness.

Later in the afternoon, Holy Trinity Seminary held its 2017 commencement ceremony. District Attorney Faith Johnson gave the commencement speech, a powerful message exhorting the graduates to believe in themselves, and advising that nothing gets done simply because it is wanted, but rather it’s doing the work and never giving up that gets the job done!

At the commencement ceremony, Rev. John Jackson was awarded an honorary doctorate from Holy Trinity Seminary. He was especially fortunate because Rev.. Michael Jenkins agreed to present Rev. Jackson with his doctoral hood.

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