True Parents’ Strategic Nations Leaders Special Luncheon



Cheon Jeong Gung, 12. September 2017


Through three days of meetings and reports, I am sure you have learned and decided how you will move forward. People who are alive need to eat, right? We, being in

charge of the providence, must take in two kinds of nourishment. You must be full of spiritual nourishment from all you have learned. In this age of instant communication, the providence cannot miss even one minute or one second. Heavenly Parent’s dream, True Parents’ dream is one family, the kingdom of heaven on earth. The center of that kingdom of heaven on earth is the owner, True Parents. While True Parents are still here, you must fulfill your responsibilities. Do you understand?

So from True Parents, you have to be able to hear that you worked hard, that you fulfilled your responsibilities. You must receive that blessing. When I am no longer on earth, there is no one to bless you. During your life, the most glorious position is one of receiving the blessing from True Parents. If we go back to when Heavenly Parent created the universe and created Adam and Eve, God gave particularly Adam and Eve responsibilities. The time for them to fulfill their responsibilities was the growth stage. They should have grown well and realized God’s dream and then received God’s blessing. It was God’s wish and dream to become humankind’s visible true parent. He created the first man and woman, who could realize that dream. That is in the principle of creation.

The world of all things did not fall. It moves according to a law of circulation, automatically without anyone having to tell it what to do.

However, nature is being destroyed because of people. People have to repent. They must look at the nature and apologize. Right now, the power of people cannot solve the phenomenon happening around the world. Even more clearly, the power of people cannot do anything about natural disasters. While True Parents are on earth, Heavenly Parent’s dream, humankind’s wish, has to be realized, but because we have been unable to do that, Heaven is punishing us. We are receiving Heaven’s judgment.

How long has God waited? It is not just the six thousand years as indicated in the Bible. It is all of human history! How difficult must it have been to walk through that dark tunnel in order to raise an individual, clan, tribe, and nation? Finally, a light was visible, and after four thousand years, God sent his only son; yet what happened? The people around him, those who taught Heaven’s grace and heard the sound of angels, did they attend Jesus? They could not attend God’s only son. He was called the son of Heaven, but he was not treated as the son of God. Not only that, but they sent him to the cross. You know indemnity came to people and nations over these two thousand years. Europe must awaken. Christian culture began from Europe, so Europeans must fulfill their responsibilities. You absolutely must realize the objectives you resolved to achieve this time. Then you must show me. The people that unite with True Parents and go forward receive these blessings from Heaven. You must demonstrate this to the world. Will you do that?

This should not end with your answer alone. You must put your life on the line and decide to take responsibility while True Parents are still alive, as blessed members and more so as leaders. I have given you spiritual nourishment and armor so you must not end up as defeated soldiers.

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