True Parents’ News: Weekly Update (September 30, 2017)


Prepared by Peace TV

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This week we cover:

1. Special

  • The HJ Cheonwon Providence centered on Cheonji Sunhakwon

2. True Family News

  • WFWP: 2017 14th Nationwide Branch Workshop

3. Global News

  • Tribal Messiahship (Korea: Kang Kwang-min, Kim Yeon-su complete blessing 430 couples / Kenya: Bishop John and Jacinta Kalama complete blessing 430 couples / DR Congo: Tribal Chief’s Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities)
  • Peace Projects (Paraguay: UN International Day of Peace Celebration / Benin: Night of Peace Festival)
  • Youth Projects (Taiwan: University Club and Divine Principle Workshop / Costa Rica: Culture of Heart Workshop)
  • Church News (Korea: National Pastors Special Gathering / Japan: 2017 True Parents’ Hyo Jeong Cosmic Blessing Celebratory Reception / US: Volunteer Workshop / Korea: Holy Ground Pilgrimage Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa)

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