Taiwan: Workshop for Witnessing

Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

In Taiwan, Taichung church developed the witnessing model of recruiting volunteers for service projects and DP learning for years. They formed “Chin-Hsin Club(勤心社)” which is an active student’s club and owns a good impression for School authorities and students in National Chin-Yi University of Technology. In new semester of September, three volunteer recruitment briefing meetings held by “Chin-Hsin Club” from 11-13 September, 200 freshmen participated in.

Then, they held first-level workshop on 15-16 Sept. and 34 freshmen attended and 20 family members served as coach to take care of the guests. It has a very good result for the guests to continue to learn DP in CARP center and do service projects. They will hold second workshop on 23-24 September. We can feel strong determination from church leader and members in order to bring breakthrough witnessing result by Foundation Day in 2018.



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