International President Speaks to International Crowd at Cheongpyeong


On Tuesday September 6, Sun Jin Nim spoke at the Cheongpyeong Great Works workshop, at which thousands have gathered to offer jeongseong and prepare their hearts to honor True Father on the 5th anniversary of his Ascension, and to celebrate the Holy Blessing Ceremony in which many young people are consecrating their marriages in front of God.

Sun Jin Nim came with her husband In Sup Nim, who shows such an inspiring model of commitment to his beloved wife in her challenging mission.

Sun Jin Nim began by reading from the chapter “To Love Is to Forgive and Forget” in Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-loving Global Citizen, drawing upon the lessons we can learn from Father’s own life course. Sun Jin Nim also emphasized these qualities as the ones that allow us to go beyond the challenges we face in relationships, sometimes even in our own families.

Our FFWPU International President then answered several questions that had been prepared for her by members of the audience, and then led everyone in her specially designed “Crown of Glory” meditation which includes visualizing a person that we find difficult to love in a new light. Truly Sun Jin Nim wants our movement to be one that embraces the mission of healing, within our own families, within our movement where pain has been unwittingly inflicted, and from there to the communities and nations of the world.

Sun Jin Nim concluded her session by offering gifts to several brothers and sisters in the audience, whose names were drawn in a lottery. She and In Sup Nim shouted cheers of Eok-Mansei with everyone present before departing amid the appreciative applause of several thousand members who surely felt more fully than before that we are all brothers and sisters.

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