Paraguay: International Day of Peace


Prepared by UPF Paraguay

On September 21st, 2017, the “International Day of Peace”, established by the UN and as a consultative body, at the request of UPF International, we held a commemorative event, in partnership with the Women´s Federation for World Peace and Tong Il Moo Do in the Bicameral Hall of the Congress of the Nation, a space used by the legislators of the Chamber of Senators and Deputies to decide the great destiny of the Fatherland.

170 guests participated listening attentively to the messages that our organization shared with them, centered on the vision of True Parents related to Marriage, Family and World Peace. Prof. Gustavo Giuliano, Director of world Tong Il Moo Do South America was the MC for this event. Dr Enrique Castro, Director General of the Department of Culture of the Chamber of Deputies as host, thanked everyone present for their participation and welcomed them at the Congress.

This event was broadcast live on TV CAMARA, the exclusive property of the National Congress. The President of Paraguay UPF Chapter, Don Evaristo Fernández explained about the importance of the Ambassadors for Peace and the President of the Women’s Federation, Roswitha Dueck shared on “The Role of Women in building a world of Peace.” Tong Il Mo Do presented the video on “the form of Peace” and an explanation of its importance by Master Viviana Moreyra, President and instructor of the aforementioned martial arts discipline.

Twenty new Ambassadors for Peace were nominated, most notably the Rev Jorge Ramón Defelice Guillen, Dr, Victor Raúl Ramos Medina, Director of Protocol and Ceremonial of the National Congress, Beauty Queen, Miss Paraguay, Miss. Alma María M. Villagra, Dr. Manuel Néstor Alarcón Barrios, founder and professor of the National University of Caaguazú, the Mayor of the City of Itá, Attorney Gloria Benítez de Cantero, among others.

The Symphony Orchestra of the School of Fine Arts of the City of Asunción delighted those present with their interpretations of contemporary classical music. The Ministry of Education and Science sent the Vice Minister as their representative.

Students from important educational institutions, accompanied by some teachers and parents, closely followed this World Peace initiative. Students of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Asunción were accompanied by the University´s President, who addressed a message to his contemporaries about the importance of university students participating in the creating of world peace. In representation of the new ambassadors, two people spoke representing masculinity and femininity, highlighting their sense of pride and joy for the honor received by the appointment of ambassadors for Peace.

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