Paraguay: 3rd Stage of Reforestation Project


Prepared by YFWP Paraguay

On September 09, 2017, the Youth Federation – Paraguay Chapter carried out work on reforestation, resulting from a strategic alliance with the municipality and groups of young volunteer activists.

This activity began with the inauguration of the second reforestation campaign, in which 400 trees were planted, totaling 1000 trees so far this year.

During the opening ceremony, Executive Secretary Eduardo Fernández shared with the 90 guests present about our Vision and Mission and proclaimed the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han as “messiahs”, “saviors”, “True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity” and founders of the Youth Federation for World Peace.

The five new Ambassadors for Peace, who are: Gloria Benítez de Cantero, Municipal Intendant; Diana Jiménez, representative of the “Municipal Board”; Graciela Vega, director of the “Department of Environment” of the municipality; Óscar Arnaldo Pintos, president of the youth group Save the Laguna de Itá and Ramón Ruíz Díaz, president of the young force youth group, were actively supporting.

We hope that True Parents and all members and Ambassadors for Peace around the world may also experience joy as they have dedicated their lives to efforts to create, nurture, and strengthen organizations through which to expand and substantiate the ideal of “One Family under God “: it is gradually bearing fruit.

This is how the Essential Members and Ambassadors for Peace of the Youth Federation in Paraguay give Glory to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Humanity.


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