Norway: Peace Road 2017


By Steinar Murud, UPF Norway

The launch of the PEACE ROAD was arranged as an evening program in the largest mosque in Norway on August 24 and 26, 2017. Four speakers gave their greetings and comments. The imam welcomed us and gave his blessings on the initiative. UPF leader, Steinar Murud, gave an orientation of the background and purpose. Yossi Somer, an Israeli filmmaker, commented on his film project which is reminding us that we all come from the same root, and he praised Dr. Moon as a visionary for peace.

Yun-A Johansen from WFWP gave a complementary perspective on how WFWP is engaged to promote peace around the world and in Norway. The promotion video was shown to the inspiration of the audience. Light refreshments and social gathering closed the evening. 16 people attended the opening.

On Saturday, the 26th we organized our peace walk along the Akers river, that divides Oslo in east and west. We walked from the estuary, downtown Oslo and up to its source, a beautiful walk of 8 km. 29 participants joined the walk while showing the message of PEACE ROAD through T- shirts, flags and banners.

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