Italy: Let’s Get Ready for School


By Francesca Calì, FFWPU Italy

On September 9, 2017, three 2nd generation girls from Rome, after just coming back from STF Europe, organized a one day seminary for middle and high school kids, to give them a chance to end an amazing summer in a great way. Nine children attended the workshop and one friend of a second generation.

Many of them participated in national and European workshops, and had many experiences that it’s easy to forget when school starts. We structured this day in a way that they could have time to reflect and also establish a goal for the new school-year.

In the morning, they did some ice breaking games and after that they attended three lectures (topics: “God is always on our side” – “My personal relationship with God” – “How to be true heroes”), with videos and time for discussions.

After that they played outside some games where they could express their personality and understand who they are. They also discussed our fears and the benefits in defeating them. To see all these kids opening and talking freely was really moving!

In one activity, the kids were in pairs. They had to draw their companion. This activity helped them to see themselves how people see them. They can focus on the good sides, while sometimes during adolescence it’s easy to see just the “wrong” things.

After the break, there was a spiritually and emotionally intense session, with many discussions where people shared their doubts, fears and difficulties. They could see, that they were not alone and that they were all facing similar difficulties and challenges. Later, they played a game called “My freestyle for God”: with some music in the background, in a circle facing outwards and with eyes closed. One by one they all went in the center of the circle and danced for God.

Afterwards, we had a declaration moment. Each one went in front of the others and shouted out what they wanted to promise to God and True Parents like as: “to be more active in the Church, truly loyal to God, more confident or even to be able to love everyone”. This activity was intense because it allowed us to release our feelings and emotions and also to be clear about who we are and who we want to become. All the kids opened their hearts.

We concluded the day with a 12 minutes prayer and then we had some fun games in the evening.

All of this has been possible because of the staff but also the participants, who came with their best intentions and gave everything!

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