Italy: Family Education and Wellness


By Stefano Stefani, UPF Italy

Our event on September 10, 2017, which was held in Hotel Europa, Bologna had two main speakers at the National level:

Carlo Zonato, President of Universal Peace Federation – Italy (UPF) who spoke initially using audiovisuals of the activities of UPF at a National level and also of building peace internationally. In addition, he illustrated the value of the family which is the focal point for building peace which is necessary for changing the terrible situations and conflicts we are witnessing. He further stated there is a need for a global vision which can be the solution to today’s problems and assist us in returning to the original design our Creator as a parent did, when He created the whole cosmos. He concluded that it will take dialogue and working together which can be successful since the essence and common elements of faith are similar. With regards to Science, he stated there are important elements that are similar. Yes, we need material things but spiritual values are the most important. People must become altruistic. Altruistic life starts with the family. We need to give of ourselves instead of waiting to receive and it is necessary to reconnect to our origin.

Through this we could unite our words and actions in a similar way to our Creator, freely and responsibly finding joy and happiness by reflecting His dual characteristics of masculinity and femininity. The family metaphorically seen as a gym should be a factory of love and joy and be sacred. It should be a place where the heart and character of each individual mature. Therefore, through educating the heart, it will become healthy.

The second speaker, the young Mirko De Carli, Co-founder of “The People Party for the Family” in Italy began by sharing previous ideals and explained them from a political viewpoint. They highlighted the indiscriminating attack on the family and the need to protect it from even politicians. He stated that the secular laws have passed in Parliament inhumane practices such abortions, euthanasia, homosexuality and civil unions and unnatural practices that go against nature of man and the family. He further emphasized that we have to begin courageously from present to reverse this trend so that young couples can bring forth children who will be the hope for the future. Mirko De Carli explained in detail the process whereby women are reduced to being surrogate mothers because of the economic crisis to pay for their debts. In this way, he explained human anthropology is changed and these practices are renamed “The laws of New Civil Rights” and “Civilian Conquests”.

But Civil Law is for a child to have a mom and a dad. Because of not taking a firm stand, The People Party for the Family was created.

Mirko went on to state he would not have any problems with a religious perspective on the topic. As there must be concrete actions to reverse the secular laws and return to a couple (man and woman) creating children together.

Historically after the Second World War there was an economic boom in Italy and people without jobs could with the help of the USA’s Marshall Plan make a better life for themselves becoming more self-aware through commitment and witnessing.

Today we Italians, have the lowest birth rate in Europe because there are childless couples go through breakdown in family relationships. The solution is to change our way of thinking. We must support families through maternity income encouraging young people to have children. Today women are slaves of labor blackmailed by their employers into not having children. This situation – says Mirko De Carli – may be supported by the State which can provide them with maternity income package compatible with the State budget. We must stop this trend of exploit women. Of course, the decision to give birth is the responsibility of the parents and not the state. However, politics can assist in creating conditions to support the family. Now is the time to unite positively to support the family by separating through liberation ourselves achieving our Human Rights.

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