Indonesia: Legacy of Peace and Workshop


By Ursula McLackland, FFWPU Indonesia

We are deeply grateful to our beloved True Mother for her incredible investment for the sake of the 5th Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa and the HJ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. During Sunday Service on August 27, we commemorated True Father’s Seonghwa with our members. As it was also the first anniversary of the ascension of our elder blessed brother Sitanggang, we decided to host a Legacy of Peace program reminding all present of True Father’s amazing work for peace.

It was also an opportunity to remember the sacrifices Brother Oscar, the former National Leader, who passed away 4 years ago and his spiritual son brother Sitanggang had made to lay the foundation of our movement in Indonesia. Soon afterwards, National Leader, brother Alfred and myself went to Korea for the Blessing and Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly.

For the first time in 15 years, we had 2 Indonesian matched members participate in the blessing ceremony. Both Anita and Hillery could feel True Mother’s deep love for them through all the Blessing preparations. The seamless flow of the Seonghwa Anniversary into the Blessing Ceremony followed by sharing a delicious lunch with True Mother interwoven with song and dance in such creative ways was just incredible. Looking out for our Indonesian sister among the many dancers was a special delight. Finally taking photos at Cheon Jeong Gung and praying at the Bonhyangwon was also a special experience for our blessing candidates. All our center members and blessed families were so inspired to listen to their testimonies after their return.

To build on the Blessing ‘fever’, we held a special 1-day workshop on Sept. 13 for 3 blessed wives and a matched sister on how to build harmonious relationships with their spouses. They were astonished to learn about the differences between man and woman and how these differences can create friction in the couple relationship if they are not careful.

Then on the weekend from Sept. 16-17, we held a 2-day Blessing workshop for our single members to help them understand the meaning and value of the Blessing and prepare themselves well to receive this most precious gift from True Parents. We have thus begun our preparation of 7 single blessing candidates for the HJ Cosmic Blessing 2018.

We hope to be able to offer greater joy and comfort to our beloved True Mother in the coming years.

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