Germany: Supporting the Campaign “Marriage remains Marriage”


By Anja Brina, UPF Germany

Members of UPF Dusseldorf participated in a campaign sponsored by the Alliance for Marriage and the Family, on September 11, 2017. An announcement to publicise it had been in the social media:

“Following similar campaigns in Spain, Chile, Mexico, the USA and elsewhere, we will be travelling with a group of young people from 6-15 September on the “freedom of expression bus” all over Germany in order to stand up for marriage to remain marriage, for the recognition of only two sexes, against gender mainstreaming, sexualization and all our attitudes regarding these issues.

The “freedom of speech bus” is a combined project of the Alliance for Marriage and Family – DEMO FOR ALL, and the international petitioning platform CitizenGO Germany. In recent years, we have repeatedly experienced that those who stand up for marriage and the family and who are critical of the excesses of gender ideology and the sexualization of children are discredited and harassed and every attempt is made to silence them”.

From 16.00 onwards, about 30-40 supporters of marriage gathered at the Johannes-Rau-Platz in Dusseldorf. We were outnumbered and shouted down by those opposing us, but despite this, we were not discouraged, keeping in mind the motto on our bus. Several speakers stressed the importance of the family for society, including naturally, Hedwig von Beverfoerde, the coordinator and speaker of DEMO FOR ALL and Eduard Pröls, leader of CitizenGO Germany.

Werner Fehlberg, representing UPF, took the opportunity to state the significance of marriage and family from God’s point of view, and this was greeted with a loud “Hallelujah” by a Christian participant.

Special thanks to the Dusseldorf police who successfully made sure that those who were noisily opposing the family were kept at a distance.

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