Germany: Children’s Workshop 2017


By Christian Haubold, FFWPU Germany

From sport in the morning in the wonderful fresh-air until we closed the day together meditatively -on Thursday at the camp-fire, on Friday with a hike under the light of the moon and glow-sticks – the 28 participating children experienced a workshop program that was full of variety. This workshop held from July 31 to August 5 2017, in Neumühle, Bad Camberg.

Thanks to a committed team of youngsters, young adults and several parents, our holiday week was a wonderful experience. And the diligent kitchen crew, headed up by Helga, took superb care of us all (a total of about 72) – a thousand thanks!

The double meaning of the word ‚trunk‘ was a central theme of our program. How trees grow, how a trunk is established and further facts about trees-all these details were researched by the children. How to live and grow together in a family and ‘tribe’ was chosen as a central topic and trained in different ways using ‘tribe- projects’. ( In German the original word used is ‚Stamm‘ – meaning either trunk or tribe. In English, we usually talk about belong to a ‘tribe’ and less to a ‘trunk’.)

Making models of dream-catchers, building a tepee and a water mill, creating a tribal settlement with clay and natural materials…there was something to stimulate everyone’s fantasy and creativity. New friendships developed quickly-a treasure to take home with us!

Just how good a spirit had been built up in the teams was obvious at the evening entertainment. There was such a heart- warming, amusing and colorful program (sketches, songs, small self-produced films…) – all ‘home-made’ and with relatively little time to prepare. It was so much fun!

On the evening of Thursday 3 August, Yeon Ah Nim and her two sons came to visit us in the Neumühle and were given an enthusiastic welcome by the children. They could hardly take their leave with so much hand-shaking, photo taking and chatting to be done. „It was the first time for me…“, we heard this comment more than any other at our closing discussion. It was striking just how many of the children, for the first time, took responsibility in smaller or larger ways, for those who were younger. The youngsters and young adults accomplished this challenge with much heart.

For Klemens and Athalie Hoffmann, this was their first children‘s workshop in their new capacity as children’s workshop parents. They were accompanied by their children and supported by granddad and grandma – three generations together in a children’s workshop – simply beautiful!

Neumühle, we will be back!

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