Germany: An Afternoon of Lebanese Culture


By Anja Brina, WFWP Germany

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) organized an afternoon of Lebanese culture, held in the UPF premises in Düsseldorf on July 16, 2017. The guests were greeted with Lebanese music and the aroma of fresh herbs, stimulating their interest and curiosity.

After welcoming words, our young speaker, Natascha Schellen delivered an enthralling talk about Lebanon. As a child, she moved to Lebanon with her family and went there to school. She started her

presentation by showing some pictures which gave an insight into the natural beauty of that country.

She then told us some facts; for example, that Lebanon is on the east of the Mediterranean and shares borders with Syria and Israel. Germany is about 35 times as large. A cedar tree, the national symbol of Lebanon, is depicted on the red and white striped national flag. There are 18 recognized religious organizations in Lebanon, of which most are Christian Maronites, or Sunni and Shi’a Moslems.

Natascha related with great passion about the culture of the country, its history, architecture, literature, and politics. Our appetites for the buffet with Lebanese specialties were whetted by her enthusiastic description, helped by photos, of Lebanese cuisine with, for example, its falafel, taboule and baklava. But before this, there was Lebanese dancing, and Natascha demonstrated a traditional dance, in which one stands in rows and holds hands. The feet move with the rhythm of the music.

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