FFWPU USA President Encourages Self-Value in Queens


Prepared by FFWPU USA

FFWPU USA President Rev. Richard Buessing visited the Queens Family Church on September 17 to an overflowing crowd of Unificationists, many of whom came to meet and greet the new national president of FFWPU USA for the first time.  After Rev. John Kung, pastor of the Queens Family Church, announced just four days prior that Rev. Buessing will be speaking the upcoming Sunday, Unificationists throughout the community were eager to see him in person.

Rev. Buessing did not disappoint, engaging the Unificationists with his genuine heart: “He impressed us with his unassuming, disarming humility and sincerity,” said Rev. Kung. “That’s not often found in many people.”

Having followed True Parents for over forty years, Rev. Buessing expressed optimism and love for the Unification Movement. His sermon, entitled “Peace Starts With Me,” encouraged those in the audience to recognize their value and preciousness to God as His sons and daughters. Referencing the Divine Principle, Rev. Buessing showed that the Principle of Creation explains why people do not feel their value as God’s sons and daughters.

Comparing God’s creation before the fall of Adam and Eve to a carefully thought-out blueprint, Rev. Buessing delved into how Adam and Eve’s separation from God ruined God’s plan for a world of love and peace:

“Most of us are not working from the original blueprint or model.  We are operating from false blueprints.  We don’t know our own  worth or value as sons and daughters of God.  We get bogged down. Why?  Because we have been told a lie our whole life: You are no good.  You can’t do it.  You don’t look well.  You have this weakness.”

Throughout the sermon, Rev. Buessing exuded admiration for True Mother who endured so many challenging circumstances. Ultimately, Rev. Buessing urged everyone to focus on their strengths, to remain positive, and to read True Parents’ words in order to drive them to become loving sons and daughters of God with filial hearts.

Following Rev. Buessing’s moving message, the Unificationist community in Queens had an intimate Q&A session with the FFWPU USA President as they sat together for lunch. Rev. Buessing responded openly and honestly to the questions from the community, which ranged from the true significance of the Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony, a clarification on the goals of the Unification Movement, and strategies for Vision 2020. The members of the community were so engaged with Rev. Buessing that even the younger Unificationists, who normally excuse themselves for extracurricular activities, stayed to talk to their new national president.

“We were very happy that the new President of the USA FFWPU made one of his first stops at the growing and energized community that is Queens Church,” said Rev. Kung. “God bless our new President. God bless True Parents!”

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