FFWPU International President Speaks at the Leaders’ Assembly

2017 Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly Opening Address

By Sun Jin Moon, International President, FFWPU

September 9, 2017 Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training center

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Beloved Cheon Il Guk Leaders, and precious brothers and sisters from all around the globe!

Welcome home to Cheon Il Guk, the land of One Family under God!

It dawned on me today as I was preparing my remarks for today, that this assembly is not only a leaders’ meeting, where we present reports of the past year, but rather—and this is my hope— a “family gathering” and a “homecoming” where our hearts re-connect and re-align, as we truly come home to our True Parents.

I hope that each one of you comes to feel deeply fulfilled and revived by the infinite true love, sincere care, and amazing grace of heaven, and inspired by the hope of becoming united together with all blessed family members of Heavenly Parent and True Parents here in our blessed homeland.

Each one of you is a citizen of Cheon Il Guk, and an embodiment of true ideals and virtues. You are called to fulfill Heavenly Parent’s dream of heaven on earth; to love, restore, save, and bless all the people of the world.

As leaders and tribal messiahs, you are fulfilling Heavenly Parent’s and True Father’s dream of “one family under God.” Every moment we attend and serve our True Mother on earth we are coming closer to realizing the dream for which our Heavenly Parent has longed for millennia. If you truly reflect on this, each one of you gathered here is a living miracle.

I pray that this Cheon Il Guk meeting will be filled with the spirit of hyojeong that touches and transforms the heart and soul of each filial son and daughter in this room. What is Hyojeong? It is the sincere heart of filial love for one’s parents. I know each and every person in this room longs to be near our True Parents, and hungers to know how to serve them with such a filial heart. Therefore, I want to share True Mother’s heart with each and every brother and sister in the world.

Every second of everyday, True Mother is investing her mind, body and soul to build True Parents’ sacred capital city, a lasting beacon of hope for the 7.4 billion children of the world, guiding them all on their journey back home to God. From the break of dawn to sleepless hours past the stroke of midnight, True Mother is praying, holding vigil, planning and agonizing with one goal in mind: to resolve the suffering, loss, and division in this world.

Now more than ever, if we look at the world around us, it is like a horrific portrait of the end times. Every morning True Mother watches the news and hears our world reports, and she carries the burden on her shoulders, as though she can hear the voices of every lost child crying out for truth, for peace, for food, for water, for their parents. It breaks my heart to see our True Mother suffer day in and day out. Yet she forges on, despite all difficulties. I am continually humbled as I observe her heavenly standard, and I am eternally apologetic for my limitations and for every moment she is burdened on this earth.

In our True Parents we have the greatest hero in heaven and the greatest heroine on earth responding to a world crying out for an end to suffering and hoping for a cosmic springtime of peace. That is why to my global family I want to share True Mother’s heart and her burden with you. We must help our True Parents with the true heart of hyojeong. I humbly ask for your prayers, your support, your commitment and your victory.

In so many ways, what we are seeing in the world is a definite wake-up call for humanity. When we lose Heavenly Parent and True Parents as our center, humanity cannot move forward toward liberation from the realm of the fall. The world we see today seems to be going completely off course, in a downward spiral. We have seen direct examples of flawed, individualistic, and corrupt leadership in countries around the globe. It isn’t just happening to one country.

Selfish leadership is gravely affecting the entire globe. Citizens are at the mercy of the policies and problems set in motion due to misguided and unprincipled governance. There is no moral compass without our True Parents. Unenlightened leaders and citizens are found everywhere, and we do not find answers in ethno-nationalism, populism, authoritarianism, and progressivism. Our entire human family is suffering, and we face serious threats to the future of mankind. We are nearing the end of our rope. If this selfish spiral is not reversed, God’s dream can be lost. At times it seems to be slipping away moment by moment.

Our earth is dying; climate change is not something that is happening around us. It is happening, in part, because of us. The earth’s temperature is rising beyond the levels that have been recorded in the heat indexes. The polar ice caps are rapidly melting, and sea levels continue to rise, beyond the earlier forecasts of scientific simulations. The world’s collective carbon emissions and pollution levels are leading to mass extinction of many species on land and in our seas. We have industrialized farming, contributing to mass deforestation, and a mono-crop agricultural model that requires chemical and GMO solutions to sustain life.

This pattern undermines the very balance of life in the natural world itself, creating the greatest environmental challenge ever faced. The more we veer from Heavenly Parent’s vision and dream, the more we enter a cycle of devastation. As a result, we are increasingly experiencing super storms, floods, fires, disease and viruses that claim thousands of lives. The levels of destruction are reaching, or may even be beyond the tipping point. We see it in Texas, India, Pakistan, Caribbean countries and coastal cities and islands around the globe. The suffering caused by these disasters, and their aftermath, are monumental. Can we share a moment of silent prayer for those who perished or suffer in these ongoing tragedies? [Sunjin Nim paused, and everyone spent some moments in prayerful silence.]


Why am I sharing these sad realities with you? It is because we cannot escape them. This is our global family and earth is our home. True Mother, for the past five years, has been at the forefront in raising our awareness about these problems, and she is calling for a model of sustainability for our Mother earth.

Mother painfully digests all the suffering and is risking her life to save humankind and creation. She is calling on you, on each one of us, her filial sons and daughters, to bring the light of truth and salvation to everyone on this planet. We have fallen so far into the abyss that 7.4 billion children are crying out to Heavenly Parent to deliver them from the darkness.

True Mother has not given up hope. Not by any means. Neither have I. In fact, I am convinced that, as we unite together and center ourselves on True Parents and Heavenly Parent, we can find creative, innovative solutions to these problems. That is how important our missions are. Time may be running out, but we can turn this world around. True Parents have shown the way of salvation through the Cosmic Blessing, through vision 2020, and through the ideal of Cheon Il Guk. We have been given True Parents’ heavenly blueprint for building peace on earth and in heaven. The world needs True Parents, and the world needs each and every one of you. You are leading the way to the fulfillment of Heavenly Parent’s original ideal.

We have all received true love, true life, and true lineage from True Parents. You have all been reborn, saved and blessed. Therefore, let us pay forward this tremendous blessing from Heavenly Parent and multiply this blessing to all God’s children. No matter what our mission or our special capacities, as long as we are guided by our true compass and our conscience, we can contribute to restoring this world, through religion, through science, through business, through the arts, through the media or any other field. Please open your heart to your true divine light and re-create this world of darkness. Let us change this world, turning it toward the heavenly truth and light of True Parents.

What does it mean to be True Parents’ children? It means that we are willing to shoulder and carry forward their legacy, working to restore all the lost children of this world and working to revive this dying earth.

I am sharing this reality and responsibility with you because, as True Parents’ filial children and Cheon Il Guk leaders, now more than ever, we must stand at the forefront of the providence and help our True Parents realize Heavenly Parent’s dream.

There is a point of maturity in children when they no longer need or take their mother’s milk. Having received that nourishment, they grow up to one day give back, return something, and serve their parents’ legacy; this is the sincere heart of hyojeong.

It is the perfect balance of give and take. We receive love from our parents, and we gradually mature as children of Heavenly Parent and take responsibility to build a better world for generations to come. True Parents are entrusting us to be like them, to follow their example, and to reach out to our brothers and sisters around the world, sharing True Parents’ essential wisdom. We must be involved in every aspect of this world and return it to our Heavenly Parent. We must be the change we want to see on this planet. We must rise from the ashes of our fallen humanity and restore balance and peace to all nations and the world.

We are blessed to be gathered here in True Parents’ homeland as Cheon Il Guk leaders at a critical time in human history. We gather to reflect on True Father’s life and dreams and to stand with our beloved True Mother here on earth. True Mother, as you all know, has painstakingly labored to prepare for our homecoming. As filial children, let this time be our wake-up call to recognize the value of the true heart of hyojeong.

Satan’s hold on True Parents’ divided homeland is deeply serious. We are currently in an active, potential war zone, where the growing nuclear threat is shaking the whole of Asia and the world. As we stand on the brink of war on the Korean peninsula, we can only imagine the heartache of God and True Parents. This is the tipping point, where the world will move toward its destruction or toward world peace. True Parents need their filial sons and daughters to step up and stand at the forefront of the providence and save humanity and creation. True Parents have stepped up countless times. It is our responsibility to step up with them!

In his chapter on “Global Harmony” from True Father’s autobiography, he begins by speaking about the situation on the Korean peninsula. True Father shows the clearest path towards peace.

“It is inevitable that the western and eastern civilizations come together in harmony on the Korean peninsula. As the world rapidly changes heavenly fortune is moving in Korea’s direction at an ever-increasing speed. However, if the Korean Peninsula is to properly perform its important role in leading the world to harmony and peace during an era of chaos, then it must prepare itself well. It must do away with a past marked with prejudice and selfishness and greet the new age with clear eyes and a new heart.”

We must prepare by letting go of the selfish legacy of the fallen archangel and the first human family that infected human history. We must grow and become true sons and daughters equipped with clear vision and a new heart. True Mother has been giving us this pure lens to envision a new era of peace, beyond indemnity and restoration.

She has been planting the seeds of true olive trees and nurturing them with pure water and a culture of heart, opening the way to a peaceful world of hyojeong culture. True Mother has steadfastly carried the torch and mission of our True Father for five years, giving us the roadmap that leads us to victory, liberation and fulfillment. She has entrusted us with vision 2020 and toils at the risk of her life, day in and day out, to save each fallen child and to build heaven on earth here in the holy land of Korea.

True Mother has led us forward throughout these past 5 years with a steady hand, guiding us toward the glorious springtime of the providence. Step by step, she has carried us forward. Think for a moment of the accomplishments: The Three Great Scriptures. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution, and the establishment of the Supreme Council and the five organs of the Cheon Il Guk administration. The expansion of the Cheonwon Complex and the Great Works providence. The Sun Hak Peace Prize. IAPP. Youth and Students for Peace. The Cheonji Sunhak Won. Speaking tours about the world, in Korean, Japan, America, Europe, Asia and soon, Africa. Top Gun Workshops. Strategic and Providential Nations. The list goes on, and on.

Just as our True Father led us forward over so many decades with absolute conviction, enduring every manner of challenge, persecution and obstruction, our True Mother, tried and tested time and time again, leads with that same heart and determination. Nothing will stand in her way. This is the way of True Parents. This is the way of true love. They have only one goal in mind, the complete liberation of heaven and earth, indeed the liberation of God, our Heavenly Parent, the liberation of humanity, all 7.5 billion people on the earth, and the liberation of the entire creation, every living and every material thing.

The word that resounds throughout the lives of our True Parents is the simple word “peace.” It seems like a simple word, but in many ways it encapsulates the entire purpose and goal of the providence. Peace is God’s original ideal. Peace is what was lost at the Fall, and peace is what is to be restored, in each individual, in each family, tribe, nation and in the entire world. Cheon Il Guk is a unified nation of peace.

True Mother has taught us that if we are to achieve lasting peace and if we are to achieve one family under God, a world culture of heart, hyojeong, must be at its center. This is the supreme virtue to be cultivated within each one of us. Hyojeong includes the heart to live for the sake of others.

Think of True Parents’ Birthday earlier this year, which included, among other things, the UPF World Summit, the Sunhak Peace Prize and the expansion of IAPP to 13 regions. Both Sunhak laureates, Dr. Gino Strada and Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, are exemplary people who are truly serving the world at the risk of their lives. The Sunhak Peace Prize Award Ceremony was magical, and both Dr. Strada and Dr. Yacoobi are continuing to work closely and collaboratively with our movement. Think of the ICUS program which seeks to bring real solutions to our global problems, including the crisis of climate change which I discussed earlier. True Parents are leading the way to solve global problems, from climate change to conflict on the Korean Peninsula or in the Middle East.

The IAPP has been launched in approximately 40 countries during this year, and we hope to see it launched in more than 70 countries by the end of 2017. Like the Sunhak Peace Prize, True Mother initiated IAPP and it is a spectacular achievement, opening doors and impacting the world in profound and positive ways. Likewise the Youth and Students Federation is also energizing our youth and creating a youth movement unlike any the world has seen. True Mother launched Youth and Students for Peace in February, 2017. She then travelled to Bangkok, Thailand and spoke before 25,000 young people.

True Mother went to Japan in November, 2016. She visited the location of the proposed Korea-Japan tunnel project, that will one day connect Korea and Japan, and form the basis for the International Peace Highway, which will also include the bridge/tunnel across the Bering Strait. True Mother spoke at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo before 20,000 people.

Next she travelled to America, and spoke at Madison Square Garden before another 20,000 people, including thousands of clergy and religious leaders.

On each of these occasions she spoke powerfully and gracefully, sharing with her audience the history of God’s providence and the heart of our Heavenly Parent, seeking to establish a world of true love and peace. She spoke of the devastating consequences of the Fall, and of the difficult and challenging history of restoration. Her depth and insight into the suffering course of Jesus was moving and powerful.

She explained the significance of this time in history, as it parallels the time of Jesus. Only at this time, having overcome all trials and tribulations, was the long awaited position of True Parents established.

She emphasized the point that the only hope we have to solve the world’s problems from the individual to the family, to global conflict and climate change, is to center on God and True Parents.

True Mother shared her own personal testimony, of her miraculous birth in 1943 as the only begotten daughter, and the way Heavenly Parent guided her throughout her life, leading up to the Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960.

That we have our True Mother with us at this time, leading us toward Vision 2020 and the complete settlement of Cheon Il Guk is a cosmic victory. We are truly blessed. Our True Mother, for the first time in history, is the complete, living expression of our Heavenly Parent’s feminine characteristics. Until now, the founders of the world’s religions have mainly been men, and the primary central figures have largely been men. Now, however, the Holy Spirit is with us on the earth in human form. God’s ideal of the complementarity of man and woman has been achieved in the eternal partnership of our True Parents. Our True Mother on earth is and forever will be united with our True Father in heaven and they have been actively working to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream.

Brothers and sisters, we are gathered here. We are back home again with our True Parents. Can we as Cheon Il Guk leaders, true filial sons and daughters, absolutely pledge to carry the torch of victory and fulfill vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk? Can we liberate our True Parents from the full burden of the Fall and achieve victory as their true legacy of peace on earth for all humankind and creation? Shall we rise to bring unity to the globe starting here with the reunification of the homeland? Will we educate all those who have been blinded by the Fall so they may see with clear eyes our Heavenly Parent’s truth? Shall we heal the earth and all Heavenly Parent’s children with the new heart of hyojeong? Yes!

Then, I welcome you home and I pledge with you and have absolute faith that, Yes, we can achieve this goal. Aju!

As you all witnessed during the 5th anniversary ceremony for True Father’s Ascension, True Parents’ granddaughter sang True Father’s favorite song “Wishing to return.” It is a nostalgic song of a man far from home who longs to return to the simpler and innocent days of childhood, surrounded by loved ones in his hometown. In the spirit of this song, we can connect with True Parents’ and Heavenly Parent’s heart, and their dream to realize one family under God, longing for a time before the Fall in the beautiful Garden of Eden filled with innocence and purity. This is our home of Cheon Il Guk and our True Parents’ family wish is “Dah hana dhe-ya dhe.” We must become one united family. Brothers and sisters, I offer my eternal love and gratitude to you for carrying the torch of light and hope in your regions and in your responsibilities. Your victory has brought our True Mother tremendous comfort and joy. Your regular reports from the field make her so proud of her filial children. Let us continue and bring greater glory to our True Parents! AJU!.

I hope that in this hometown meeting you will inherit True Parents’ clear vision, and, with a heart of hyojeong and new spirit, you will carry out the absolute will of our True Parents, as inspired filial sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent to realize vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk. I pray you will use this precious time here in Korea to reflect, grow, and be moved and inspired to have amazing breakthroughs and miracles as you move forward through 2017, and into 2018 and beyond. I pray God blesses your path. May all obstacles fall away and may you only shine with Heaven’s light as you move toward victory! Aju!

True Parents are deeply grateful to each one of you. I humbly bow before you. I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you as elders and spiritual pillars of our movement. I am certain your ancestors are proud of you, and the same will be true of your descendants.

Brothers and sisters, let us use our time well, both at this Assembly and during the remaining few months of this year. We are nearing the year 2020 and we have much to accomplish in a short time. Those blessed with a timepiece are reminded every moment that the clock is ticking. We have much to accomplish in a short time, and victory is entrusted to us. True Mother is providing the road map, timeline, and the compass. We only have to sincerely believe in True Parents and your divine light and victory shall be achieved. You are the light of the world, the hope of all the ages. Please let us go forward in confidence. Let us build the culture of heart, the world of true love, one family under God that Heaven has longed to achieve.

Please know that our True Parents love and are proud of each one of you as their filial children.

Thank you for your unsurpassed service and attendance, your absolute faith love and obedience.

I have great hope for the future, because I have great hope in each and every one of you.

May God bless you all and your precious families!





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