Dominican Republic: 5th Seonghwa Anniversary and Cosmic Blessing 2017



By Cesar Regalado, FFWPU Dominican Republic

On September 14, 2017, the Seonghwa memorial ceremony began at 6:00 pm singing the Cheon Il Guk and the Dominican national anthems, followed by an invocation by Mr. Cándido Gómez one of our first (6000) blessed couples.

A video showing the life of our Founder was present to the attending public. After the video, Rev. Takashi Kono our National Messiah from Japan gave an explanation of the mission given by Jesus to our Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon when he was 15 years old, and how he tried to accomplish this mission until the end of his life.

To conclude this 5th anniversary of our True Father’s Seonghwa each of the attending people offered a white rose on an altar with the picture of our Founder.

After quickly changing the scenery we proceeded with the national Blessing ceremony. Three elder blessed couples enter as assistant couples. The two new couples enter with the Wagner’s wedding march as the background music. Then, the Officiating couple –Rev. Pasquale and Yoko Lai, a 6000 blessed couple – entered the auditorium under the song of the garden.

The MC, Mr. César Regalado gave a brief power-point presentation about the Meaning and Value of the Blessing. An Ambassador for Peace –Congressman Francisco Liranzo- who participated in the main ceremony in Korea on September 7, offered some words of testimony and congratulation. All the attending public sang the song of the banquet to the marrying couples.

The next session was the presentation of a short video of the main ceremony on September 7, including the entrance of the assisting 18 couples; the entrance of True Mother as the officiating person representing True Parents; and the Holy Water ceremony. At this point we stopped the video to do our own Holy Water ceremony.

The video started again with the Affirmation of the Blessing Vows. We paused the video again and did the same locally. Then we all listened with great devotion the Invocation of the Blessing by a recording of True Father. This session with the video ended with the Proclamation of the Blessing.

Another Peace Ambassador – Dr. Catalino Pichardo, who also attended the main ceremony in Korea – addressed the audience. The two couples greeted the officiating couple and the public. One couple offered flowers to the officiating couple and a professional singer and her husband – Alicia Baroni and………… – who are also Peace Ambassadors dedicated two songs to the marrying couples.

After the three Ok-Mansei ovations, the officiating couple, the marrying couples and the assisting couples left the auditorium under Mendelsson traditional wedding march ending this ceremony.

Groups and individual pictures were taking and all the people were invite to some drinks, snacks and cake.

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