Denmark: Peace Road 2017


Prepared by UPF Denmark

On August 27th we did our Peace Road 2017 event in Copenhagen by foot with 25 participants. This year´s topic was ”Global Patriotism”. We chose to do a 2 km walk in the historical city center near the harbour through the Churchill Park; the fortress ”Kastellet” and ending at Langeline Quay (near Little Mermaid statue). Here are within a short walking distance many Memorial statues, monuments and museums raised for civilians and soldiers who showed both national and international patriotism, beyond borders, races and religion, during times of war and oppression from 1914 and untill today. Guides were leading the walk between each Memorial, explaining about each of their historical background.

Especially the statue that honors the bravery of ordinary Danes that during the WWII occupation saved the lives of 7000 Jews in October 1943, by bringing them secretly by boats to Sweden, moved all participants. But also the 4.000 Finnish children who were taken care of by Danish foster families during the Finish Independence War from 1939-1945 ( lead by General Mannerheim) highlight how international patriotism and solidarity are expressed in many ways. Through hearing these stories we could remember and honor the bravery and sacrifices of our who had ”Walked on the Road for Peace” before us. By showing our gratitude and learning from their example we wanted to inherit their spirit and character, so that we can be victorious in realizing the UPF dream of the substantial Global Peace Road Project and Unification of North and South Korea.

To connect to this dream we ended the walk at the Memorial for the Korean War, given by Korean war veterans in gratitude to  Denmark, who under UN flag, contributed with the hospital ship ”Jutlandia”. 4.981 wounded allied soldiers from 25 nations and 18.000 civilians were treated in the ship (including the first Korean president Syngman Rhee) out of which only 29 died. To understand better the historical background we were invited to the nearby ”Asia House” , which is owned by the shipping company, that gave the ship to the Danish government for this mission from 1951-1953. Here Mr. Carsten Dencker Nielsen”, who worked for the shipping company in Korea and Japan, gave a very interesting speech about the ship and the  heroic crew on board. He recommended to watch the 50 minutes documentary movie from 2013 ”999 Days under UN Flag” about ”Jutlandia´, which is a co-production of Korean ”Arirang TV” and Nordisk Film. The patriots of the past are the inspiration.

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