Austria: Interreligious Service in Memory of True Father’s SeongHwa


By Elisabeth Cook, UPF Austria

An interreligious service was held in Vienna on Sunday, 10th September 2017 in memory of True Fathers 5th SeongHwa Ceremony. Our hall was packed with people – members and guests – altogether numbering around 150.

At the beginning of the service, Mrs. Elisabeth Cook explained about True Father’s life achievements, especially his efforts on every level for peace, emphasizing how True Father continually taught: the precondition for peace is unity – within the individual, the family, as well as between nations. Next, she showed video- clips from the Blessing in Korea and entertainment at the following Victory Celebration, which gave a glimpse of the wonderful events and performances there.

Following which, two guests gave brief presentations. Pastor Arthur Nzekwu from the Celestial Church of Christ Vienna proclaimed, that with the power of prayer we can achieve everything. It was recalled that a few years ago he and his congregation spontaneously prayed all night for one of our 2nd gen. blessed sisters, who had been found to have a brain tumor in need of urgent operation, just before she was to give birth to her first child. At that time, the Celestial Church’s prayer was a significant support for our sister, who then gave birth to a healthy child and herself could eventually recover. Then Mrs. Daniane Bornea Friedl from the local Spiritualist Society “Seeja” shared words of their founder Allan Kardec about the relationship between the physical and the spiritual world.

The main presentation was given by Peter Haider, Austria’s UPF President. In his explanation about True Father’s legacy, he emphasized that people from all around the world decided to follow him, because he touched peoples’ original-minds by connecting them to God’s ideal. We can have hope as long as God has hope.

Therefore, as God doesn’t abandon his original ideal, we are safe and secure, because there will always be a way to go forward – God is behind us, supporting us. If we feel God’s power and support, we can be real peacemakers and give hope to others.

He then showed a book which was published recently in Germany by an Iraqi immigrant. The book’s content is made up of quotes by True Father, written in Arabic as well as three main international languages. The book has a very beautiful layout.

Mr. Haider then spoke about encouraging local parliamentarians to work for world peace, of which the first step would be to join our inaugurating conference for parliamentarians later this week at the Vienna UN building on the topic “Perspectives for sustainable Peace in Europe. The UN Vision, the Role of Parliamentarians and Civil Society.”

Prayers and devotional songs rounded out the high atmosphere, which enabled all of us to feel close to True Father and his incredible legacy.

We thank heavenly Parents and True Parents that we could share the beautiful day with guests and brothers and sisters, and that especially through the exciting videos, the connection to our spiritual home country Korea could be enhance.

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