Albania: True Father’s 5th Seongwha Anniversary


Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On September 3rd, 300 people gathered at the main hall of Tirana Hotel International to commemorate the 5th Seongwha Anniversary of True Father. Even though it is still so hard to accept the fact that True Father is no longer here, at physical world, many Ambassadors for Peace, Blessed Families, members, relatives and guests came together to express their love and sincerity to our True Father.

Looking back at his life and his achievements, one cannot but be amazed. You could feel an atmosphere of gratefulness and thankfulness among all participants.

The ceremony was moderated by Albanian National Leader, Mr. Gani Rroshi. He quoted True Father’s words: “What is more important life or love? Love is more important. Love is the origin of everything. The reason why life came into existence is because of love. The invisible God manifests His heart through visible human beings…”

The activity was a combination of heart feeling messages and performances such as songs and dances.

Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, Chairman of National Peace Council had prepared a poem. Through which he expressed how much he misses True Father, and how great his work and legacy is. Those words touched the heart of all participants.

After that, a video was shown. This was a very special moment because we could see True Father and hear his voice. It reminded us, how lucky we were to have lived in the same time, same age as him. And in the same time feel even more lucky to have still our dear True Mother here on earth. We could see how much she is investing and working to achieve True Father’s dream of Cheon Il Guk. Our hearts were filled with determination to support True Mother, and to become filial children of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Then, three more messages were shared by a representative of CARP, Ambassador for Peace and from a Blessed Family.

The message of Mr. Juljan Bradasheshi, a CARP member, was a letter dedicated to True Father. In that letter, he was reflecting about Ture Father’s amazing deeds. He said: “Father, you believed that love was more powerful then guns and bombs, therefore with true love, the Berlin wall could collapse. Father, you spoke strongly against communism in countries like North Korea or USSR, and you emphasize Godisem…” He, as well, expressed determination that Albania can be saved by young people who understand the Divine Principle and live for the sake of the nation and the world.

Speaking about saving the nation and the world, Mr. Sulejman Abazi, an Ambassador for Peace expressed his respect towards True Father’s life. He was so touched by how much True Father loves the world, and Albania as well. He said: “The only way how Albania and the world can progress and overcome the difficult situation we are living, is only through the Divine Words of True Father, and by following his life path as well.”

One of the best way how we can fallow True Parents life path, is by receiving their Blessing as couple and in this way, create Blessed Families. So, the last message at the event was shared by a Blessed Family, Mateo and Majlinda Ziko. They shared few moments about how much their life changed when they got to know True Parents. They were always looking for something more deep and meaningful in their lives, and God brought them together, and is because of Heavenly Parent and True Parents that they are now expecting a child. They quoted True Father’s words: “All the problems and difficulties in the world will be solved when people understand that the main relationship in the universe is parent – child relationship between God and human beings…” This is what is True Father wanted so much to teach to all the people of the world.

That evening continued with more songs and dances from professional singers and young professional dancers who gave so much joy to the event.


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